Your Taxes Going to Bloated Salaries for Bureaucratic Elite

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Why are our taxes so high?

Bureaucracy is a good answer.

But the UC system shows that the bloated salaries of government employees make bureaucracy cost so much more.

In 2014, 28 UC employees earned more than $1 million each.

These employees included a basketball coach, football coach, and obstetrician, each of whom earned over $2 million.

Excluding the UC system, here are the some of the highest paid state employees:

  • 4 Investment Officers all earning over $550,000 – the highest-paid earning $739,000
  • A dentist, earning $628,000
  • Two physicians, earning about $560,000 each
  • CEO of the State Teachers’ Retirement system, earning $534,613
  • CEO of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, earning $549,254

These taxpayer-funded salaries are a crime.

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