China’s War on Freedom and America: Has President Biden Already Surrendered?

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China is determined to spread socialism around the world.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is devoted to seeing socialism exported from China… and devoted to destroying freedom and economic opportunity in America.

One of the great worries we now have is that the foreign policy team that President Biden has surrounded himself with will ignore Communist China’s moves to expand its control worldwide.

Why should you care? Because…

It’s a danger to freedom.

It’s a danger to economic prosperity.

It’s a danger to peace.


The danger to America is that appeasement and giving in — or ignoring the aggressive actions of China — will not result in peace…it’s likely to lead to a war.

For over fifty years, we basically have ignored Communist China’s massive economic and military expansion, and how it has manipulated and controlled so many of the Asian nations…. and even African and South American control.

Militarily, Communist China’s goal is to be the dominant military player in the world. Already:

  • China has more soldiers than the U.S.
  • It has more missiles than the U.S.
  • It has more naval weapons than the U.S.

But not just that…

Its virtual and complete takeover of Hong Kong is a big concern…

And it has created military, economic, and social dependence on China by countries all over the world.

Here are some of the examples:

  • Its Orwellian social engineering. Its repression of religious freedom. Its repression of human rights – including holding a million Uighur Muslims in internment camps.
  • The West has ignored China’s biological experiments… its genetic engineering… its forced abortions. And so much more.
  • The West has ignored China’s relentless propaganda machine worldwide, including disinformation in the United States.
  • China’s growing attacks on the Republic of China (Taiwan) is not being addressed. It could lead to war.
  • Communist China’s expansion and military bases and naval superiority throughout the China Sea and Asian waters is being ignored.
  • China’s building of submarine and deep-water ports and controlling those ports in Jamaica, in the Bahamas, and other countries is being ignored.
  • China’s spying in America has been determined by the FBI to be our number one threat. Will this be ignored?
  • Its control of business and education through money and grants. Its Confucius Institutes controlling higher education and enabling spies. It’s all being ignored.
  • China continues to steal U.S. intellectual property and technology.

Trump was the first President to oppose China’s expansion, its human rights violations and its theft of U.S. technology and intellectual property. Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush Sr. ignored what China was doing to its own people.

The new Biden administration must be watched closely because there’s every indication that appeasement will be its policy. We have no idea how compromised Hunter Biden, and even Joe Biden are.

All we know is that one of the first things Biden did was to prohibit using the term “China virus.” And he is ignoring how China is covering up the origins of the Wuhan virus.

President Biden himself said the differences were understandable. What?

“The central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that…Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.”

Is genocide a matter of “cultural norms?”

Is military expansion a matter of “cultural norms?”

Is repressing freedom of religion a matter of “cultural norms?”

The reality is that China is our number one enemy.

The reality is that for freedom, for economic prosperity, and for the sovereignty of America… we must not let China succeed in its efforts to dominate.

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  1. Surrendered? He has no choice! The CCP helped him steal the election because they needed him in the WH. And doing that was like taking candy from a baby, because it’s easy to blackmail sick, greedy people like the Bidens.

  2. MR. biden (NOT MY PRESIDENT) is a fool if he thinks he can just ‘TALK’ to these aggressive terrorists…you CAN’T talk to these people, all they do is LIE and MR. biden is really sucking up to these terrorists…MR. biden needs to be removed as well as harris

  3. Stop buying anything and everything that says…”Made in China” If we all did that, we might make a difference. We are paying the enemy for crying out loud. I wonder too, how many homes they’re buying out from under us. And someday, they will put us on reservations, or worse!

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