Christian persecution: a global issue; discrimination and oppression faced by Christians due to religious beliefs.

China 2021: Historic Persecution of Christians is Skyrocketing – 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

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The persecution of Christians in China has dramatically increased.

Communist persecution of Christians – jailing, torture, killing – was at its height in China during the 1960’s horrific “Cultural Revolution”.

But what’s happening today may be worse – far worse.

Let me explain. Here are seven things you should know:  

#1. China’s “sinicization” campaign is to destroy Christianity.

The Chinese government, under the guidance of President Xi Jinping, has escalated the persecution of people of faith with his ‘sinicization’ campaign. “Sinicization” is to recreate all religions to align with the Communist Party of China’s ideology.

The major push against Christians now is what is called “sinicization’.

Sinicization gives the Communist Party a chance to “re-imagine” Christianity with the government or “state” at its center.

It’s goal is to create conformity and loyalty to the state – collectivism at the expense of the individual. Submission, not free choice.

#2. Transforming Christianity into a tool of socialism.

Portraits of Jesus are being replaced by MAO and XI in state-sanctioned churches…and everywhere you look.

Churches were provided with “a model sermon” based on XI’s centenary speech marking the communist party’s 100 year anniversary.

That’s why pastors were instructed to hail, “Long live the great, glorious and correct Chinese Communist Party” in their services.

#3. Attacking Churches and Christians.

The persecution of the church in 2021 is escalating.

In 2020 for example:

  • Over 900 crosses were removed from churches.
  • Bibles were confiscated across China.
  • The Communist Party (CCP) raided and closed down many house churches, including state-run churches.
  • Churches were bulldozed and destroyed.

#4. Brainwashing of children with Communist propaganda.

The distortion of Biblical truth is taught at the public/government-run schools. For example, they twisted and distorted Biblical Stories like this:

John 8 is about how Jesus forgave a woman who had committed adultery.

But the altered socialist version, says Jesus stoned the woman, saying, “I too am a sinner. But if the law could only be executed by men without blemish, the law would be dead.”

#5. Social credits are state control on steroids.

Increasing numbers of Christians are being identified and punished by “social credits” that impact school, jobs, and more…and intense surveillance is occurring.

Please pray for the Chinese Christians.

#6. Persecution has increased under President Biden.

This persecution of Christians was going on under President Trump, but not nearly as great. Then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback put huge, official pressure on China to free pastors and stop the persecution.

And there was some success.

But under Biden, the persecution has escalated and gone unchecked and ignored.

President Biden and Secretary of State Tony Blinken are silent about religious freedom, stopping religious persecution and protecting human rights.

America is abandoning Christians in China.

#7. What Can You Do:

Here are a few action steps:

  • Please pray for the persecuted Christians in China.
  • Please vote only for candidates who want to protect the persecuted church practice religious freedom.
  • Please read my book The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values and Chapter 12, “Non-Negotiable #5: Help the Persecuted Church”.

Here is how you can order it:

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Click here to watch another video about China’s Rising Threat: Gordon Chang Interview [Video].

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  1. Catholics, Protestants, Non-denominational Christians Wake up! This is now. 2022 Please pray for a softening of the leaders hearts, that the Lord would speak to them in dreams, that it would sink deep in their hearts. Do what you can to support American made in America products. Boycott if you have to. Vote wisely!

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