The FBI/Department of Justice War on Parents: Investigating Moms and Dads as “Domestic Terrorists” – 11 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know

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“Domestic Terrorists”.

That is what moms and dads speaking out at School Board assembly meetings are now being called.

President Biden, the Department of Justice, and the FBI are classifying parents and taxpayers as potential “Domestic Terrorists” requiring an investigation of those going to their local school board meeting.

Here are 11 shocking things you should know:

#1. The DOJ and FBI Assault on Parents and Abuse of Power: To Install Fear In Parents and Silence Political Opposition – and They Know It Is Unconstitutional.

The organization that sent President Biden and the Department of Justice a letter is not “neutral” or “Professional.” It is a political advocacy organization. It has a $19 million dollar budget for salaries and political activity paid by state and local school boards and their members.

The Department of Justice lawyers and Attorney General Garland know they have no constitutional basis to interfere with First Amendment rights of parents at school board meetings.

They know they are using intimidation by the FBI to achieve political victory for their ideology.

They are doing this to push as strong and hard as they can to squash political opposition at school board meetings and attempt to stop the parents from protesting indoctrination and politicization of government schools.

Simply by using fear and intimidation, they don’t need to lose a court case to achieve their objective of silencing constitutionally protected dissent.

Already 20 State Attorney Generals have written Biden and Garland about their opposition to the war on parents.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita sent a letter signed by 16 State Attorney Generals, saying, “The Biden administration has provided no convincing evidence of any significant ‘spike’ in threats against school personnel. Instead, these actions by the administration seem designed to chill the lawful dissent of parents who express concerns about their children’s education at local public school board meetings.”

#2. How It All Started – A Letter from a Radical Political Advocacy Group

The pro-socialist advocacy group, “National School Board Association,” sent a letter to President Biden and Attorney General Garland asking that the Department of Justice and the FBI investigate the school board meetings and classify parents as potential “domestic terrorists”.

Shockingly, the bureaucracy didn’t take months to respond as is normal.

Within a few days of receiving the letter, Garland and the Department of Justice issued a memorandum filled with legalize… and a threat that moms and dads at school board meetings could be classified as a “domestic terrorist” and subject to investigation, arrest, and even jail.

The Department of Justice Memo: all threats and insinuation, no details or substance.

The Department of Justice memorandum is chilling – but bizarre.

It’s designed to scare those disagreeing with school policies from coming to School Board meetings and vocally protesting school policies.

But it fails to cite any crime. It shows no constitutional basis for the federal government to interfere with a local school board.

It hides its lack of substance with legalese that in reality says it will provide “advice” to local school boards.

FBI agents and high-paid federal prosecutors will go across the nation looking for a perceived crime by moms and dads, investigating school board meetings, and intimidating and terrorizing local parents and taxpayers.

The FBI could be knocking at your door because of what you said at a School Board meeting.

This type of intimidation is wrong and the power of the federal government should not be used by either Democrats or Republicans to frighten and silence opposition.

#3. The National School Board Association Is a Radical Pro-Democratic Socialist Organization.

Its leadership for the last twenty years has donated to pro-socialist Democrats – Including Obama, Clinton, And Biden.

Their leadership advocates for Critical Race Theory (CRT) for crushing school choice, transforming government school systems into propaganda mills, and politically mobilizing brainwashed students.

The political agenda of the NASB is almost identical to the teacher union political agenda.

The current NSAB Vice President even organized financial support to radical groups rioting and burning buildings.

#4. The Letter Blows Up: The NSBA Rescinds And Apologizes For The Letter But Only To Members, Not The Public.

Once the National School Board Association letter went out, state and local School Boards that were members protested.

Some canceled their membership.

It was so significant that the NSBA apologized for the language and sending the letter to their members.

“On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter,” said the NSBA memo. “There was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on a communication of this significance. We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organizations.”

But they did not withdraw the letter from Joe Biden and the Department of Justice.

Since the entire DOJ/FBI memo was based on this one letter, it would have destroyed the DOJ/FBI justification for creating an array of FBI agents to oversee School Board meetings.

#5. Weaponizing The FBI And Department Of Justice (DOJ) To Silence School Boards Protesting By Parents, Grandparents, and Taxpayers: The Three Reasons This is Happening.

The true reason Attorney General Garland issued this memorandum is to suppress dissent by outraged parents, grandparents, and taxpayers.

Across America, a historic revolt has spread, demanding reform of the failed public/government schools.

In the last few months, close to 100 School Board recall elections have gathered signatures spontaneously across America against over 200 School Board members.


Because the schools are indoctrinating the kids with:

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) – hatred and race warfare
  • Anti-American teaching of history
  • Transgender ads, sexual content to elementary kids
  • Brainwashing the kids to hate capitalism and love socialism
  • Poor school performance
  • Forced masking
  • Forced vaccinations

If they can scare parents and opponents to stop – they win, and they hope this memo will stop the opposition.

And it might if people are afraid.

Parents could be afraid:

  • The school board/administration might turn them in to the FBI for questioning.
  • An angry neighbor could spark an FBI investigation
  • Complaining to a school board meeting could put them on a list

And more. They will think it is not worth the risk.

#6. The Sad and Embarrassing Example of School “Violence” – Strategic NSBA blunder.

There are no real examples of “domestic terrorism” at School Board meetings.

Any problems are handled by local police.

The White House could find no examples to document.

So what happened?

The NSBA letter and the Garland DOJ memo had no specifics or evidence, just rhetoric.

The NSBA did mention one example… and it turned out to be an embarrassing mention in their letter about the arrest of a Virginia dad. The letter never explained why he was arrested.

His daughter had been raped by a “gender fluid” boy in the girl’s bathroom.

The school board knew; they covered it up.

The Superintendent of Education knew and publically said such no such thing happened – he lied.

He said this as they passed transgender policies.

The father was arrested, labeled a “fascist” on social media, and people tried to destroy his business.

HR wanted to publicly tell his daughter’s sad and disturbing story to the school board – but they cut off public discussion to prevent the father from speaking out on the rape of his daughter.

The rapist has been found guilty in court and sent to a different school (why?).

The dad was the victim of unfair treatment – and the example in the letter.

#7. Has There Been Violence?

No evidence of “domestic terrorism” by parents or any violence on Garland’s letter.

The National School Board Association may have found one person who injured a security guard with all the school board protests.

That is a local policy matter, not a federal government concern. The FBI should be investigating terrorists, violent crimes… but not investigating political beliefs at the local level.

By contrast, the school boards and school district administrators have been cutting time on vocal opposition speakers, put up unreasonable restrictions on mom’s and dad’s opinions, closed down School Board meetings, cut microphones, harassed speakers, and more. And some of these parents have been escorted out, handcuffed, and beat up by the security or local police. They are the ones hurt.

Garland said there was a “rise in criminal conduct” against school officials.

But no evidence.

The FBI’s crime data shows no evidence either.

#8. Attorney General Garland’s Moral Failure Of Leadership, Tool Of The Political Left, Puppet Of The Radical Pro- socialist Deep State Is Now Self-Evident.

For the Attorney General to send out a memo he knows is unconstitutional and not part of his job is immoral.

The Attorney General is supposed to be above politics.

But this memo is all politics.

It’s all show.

It’s weaponizing the Department of Justice against moms and dads.

There is the real crime. They are using the power of the state to stifle 1st Amendment rights of those disagreeing with the pro-socialist agenda.  

That is a waste of time and money.

Attorney-General Garland should resign.

#9. Don’t Be Afraid. Instead, Stand Strong, Don’t Cave.

There is no legal or constitutional basis for federal law enforcement against the protesting of local parents.

It is our constitutional right to speak out. To shout out. To even be angry at the school’s curriculum and inability to teach the kids.

Parents should not be afraid. They must stand up against the evil of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other forms of political and social indoctrination of transforming the children into broken puppets of radical ideology.

This is an abuse of power, and we must take a stand for doing the right thing.

#10. Department of Justice/FBI Pollicization: Hypocrisy And Two-Tiered Justice

The Department of Justice and FBI leadership was politicalized by President Obama’s appointees, creating the “resistance” under Trump, and is now again at war against freedom and justice.

This is what is called the Deep State: Politicalized bureaucrats using their power of the government or state to transform America into an ideology of socialism, secularism of Big Brother Government.

One aspect of this ideology assault by the Deep State is a two-tiered justice system.

Those the Deep State like the Department of Justice helps.

They may riot, destroy, assault, commit violence, and even with no consequences, no arrests, no punishment, no justice.

But if you’re a conservative, a Republican, a libertarian, or Christian, the government assaults your freedom and constitutional rights.

This should not happen as a free country.

#11. What can you do to stop the war on parents?

1. Give more support and involvement with your local school board.

Go to School Board meetings in your local town and support the moms and dads standing up and speaking out.

2. Speak up if you can speak up against the school indoctrination at a school board meeting.

This will show the indoctrination is not working.

3. Donate to stop the madness. Help us oppose this war on parents through our Turn America Around fund.

Click HERE to donate.

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