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Voter Alert: How the 2024 Election is Radically Different than Any Time in our Past. What is Really Happening and How We Can Turn America Around (VIDEO Interview)

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This election is unlike any in American history.

And it’s the tipping point for America’s future.

Most Christians, Conservatives and Republicans are clueless to what is going on behind the scenes,

I recently spoke with Perry Atkinson, host of Focus Today on The Dove radio/TV network, about this and so much more. I know you’ll want to watch it. Click HERE to watch my interview. He was shocked and surprised by his antics.

We also talked about how the Democrat party machine is at least 15 years ahead of the Republicans in their messaging, their Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns, and how they use micro-targeting to identify issues that will fire up their base to donate, volunteer, and vote.

Watch the video interview.

We discussed about the Deep State later interference in the election.

What is the Deep State?

  • It’s more than a group of government bureaucrats who want to expand their power and government power.
  • It’s bureaucrats who are driven by ideology.
  • It’s bureaucrats who have weaponized government agencies against their political enemies.
  • And if we are not careful, it will turn the United States into a one-party rule socialist state.

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Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • Why Republican’s messaging is terrible
  • Biden’s mental collapse—Can he even win?
  • Why data wins elections
  • How the weaponization of government and government censoring is marching us into one-party rule
  • How Bidenonomics is a disaster
  • Why we are on the brink of war with China

See my exciting in-depth TV interview—It’s about 30 minutes.

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