Censorship and Election Manipulation: How Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are at War with President Trump, Conservatives, Liberaltarians and Christians… And Manipulating the 2020 Election [Video]

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Democrats and Republicans should both agree that election manipulation is wrong.

But it’s happening now.

I have been censored by YouTube. 

I have been censored by Facebook.

I have been censored and “shadow banned” by Twitter where they have destroyed the ability of my tweets to have reach.

What they have done to me is minor compared to what they have done against so many libertarians, conservatives, and Christians.

The result is an unfair election manipulation to destroy their enemy and promote pro-socialists, secular humanism, anti-freedom positions and ideology.

You don’t have to be a Republican and you don’t have to be a Democrat to be outraged at this censorship and discrimination.

Twitter has increased its attacks this election, including banning ads and tweets.

They are on the offense against President Trump and hundreds of others.

Now, Twitter has decided to take an outrageous political stand against the opinion and proof of that voter fraud is real because it came from President Trump.

They did the shocking act of putting next to Trump’s tweet “Get the facts about mail-in-ballots!” – a statement that targets the President and the issue.

Which of course is editorializing by Twitter. It targeted the President during an election year in order to destroy credibility.

President Trump sent out this tweet about voter fraud:

Twitter’s CEO, responded to criticism saying “We’ll continue to point out incorrect or disputed information about elections”

But he ignores the mountain of documented evidence of voter fraud including 2016, 2018, and 2020.

In my book “The Deep State: 15 Surprising Things You Should Know” I have a chapter on voter fraud which documents the reality of voter fraud in America. Many new cases of voter fraud every single month come to light involving partisan fraudulent activity.

In my book I even mention how my staff was able to register their dog to vote by mail. Its easy and problematic.

What was the president’s response?

Trump’s reaction to this is that he wants to take away the unfair absence of liability that Facebook, Twitter, and these other platforms have. That is a good first step.

If they do something wrong, they need to be sued.

They are partisan.

They have unequal protections.

And what they are doing is wrong.

In response to this unfair censorship, the President has issued an historic executive order.

Flanked by Attorney General Bill Barr, President Trump signed an emergency executive order that calls for new regulations to remove statutory liability protections for big tech companies that engage in censorship and political manipulation.

Twitter’s fact checker contained false statements; and Twitter failed to be fair and neutral.

Trump called the fact-check “egregious,” and held up a photo of Yoel Roth, who heads up the site’s fact-checking and rules-making operation.

In the past Roth has mocked Trump supporters, called Trump’s team “ACTUAL NAZIS” and called GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a “bag of farts.”

Twitter does not do this for lies from Iran, Adam Schief, Joe Biden, and more.

It does not do this for Democrats, Socialists, or anti-Trumpers.

It only does it to Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Christians.

Twitter is demonstrating aggressive political bias to meddle in the 2020 election.

They are determined to swing the election and elect candidates only approved by Twitter.

Let’s hope that this executive order stops much of the censorship that is happening.

Americans should be able to decide what content we want to read and talk about.

We should be able to exercise our constitutional right of freedom of speech without platform censorship or editorializing. 

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. What President Trump just did is just the opening salvo from conservatives and believe with all your heart that this will get ugly from the left.
    First we will be accused by the left that we are restricting free speech, FALSE, we are racists which is why we have been trampling on minorities rights FALSE. Racism as defined by the left has nothing to do with race, it has to do with right and wrong backed up by facts.
    George Floyd was killed by someone under the color of authority, thaT IS a FACT. Was it racially motivated, I don’t know at this point, we have no facts only assumptions. Twitter talk will spin this by editing and “fact checking” trying to control the narrative, this must end. I believe in a very liberal interpretation of political and religious speech. I have family who grew up in Nazi Germany that would listen to the BBC illegally to get the other side and make up their minds about what Hitler said. My grandfather would refer to Hitler as the Little Coporal, and yes at one point was interrogated by the Gestapo. That is what happens when one side decides what “facts” are the correct ones.
    In this day and age just about anyone can search for the truth. But be careful how you search, the electroic media left will make sure to try and bury anything contrary to their wishes.
    What is truly needed is a counterpart to all the liberal elelectronic media as a counterpart to Google, Facebook Twitter etc.
    Who will be that leader?

  2. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984
    This scary line from “1984” indicates to me the whole object of giant social media interests. The continual expansion of Big Brotherism slowly creeping upon us like a starfish moving to its next meal. When they begin trying to influence our opinions or attitudes by suggesting they have the moral high ground, as if we needed to be indoctrinated into their right and wrong’ Their idea exists without a true moral right and wrong. It changes as things are changed to bring more into their subdued into their “doublethink”. When they inter the area of censorship they no longer media giants. They become propaganda media.

  3. Could President Trump start a privately owned website to display his comments so that he doesn’t have to rely upon the leftist social media who censor and/or counter his comments with their own anti-Trump views and propaganda? If he were to start one and announce its existence, anyone who wished to know what he has to say can access it. Thus, he would be free of any censorship, lying opposition, and false counter claims from political opponents on the left. Yes, it would start out slowly at first but would grow as word of the site’s existence spread but at least he could be sure of being heard.

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