Shocker? California Seceding From America? [Video]

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The socialist/progressives want California to become its own country.

It’s been dubbed “Calexit,” and supporters who want California to eventually break away from the United States have until Jan. 22, 2018 to collect 585,000 valid signatures.

Their immediate goal is to have a referendum placed on the 2018 ballot.

Joke or reality?

You can decide by watching this informative 8-minute video of Tucker Carlson debating Shankar Sigma, vice president of the California Freedom Coalition.


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  1. I don’t think Congress will allow CA to secede, no matter how many initiatives get stuffed on the ballot. Doesn’t the idea of secession have to go through Congress?

  2. Do they.. consider every Resident in California? Politicians can not decide for the rest of The Californians , This is all so ridiculous .

  3. Where does he think the water for our state comes from? The Colorado River is a big part of it. Who does he think patrols our shoreline? US Coast guard. The man speaking to Tucker Carlson does NOT speak for this Cali girl – born here, grew up here, owns property here, and a proud American.

  4. Ok, so Mr. Singam is certainly singing a very strange tune. Really? He is happy and I repeat, happy, that middle-class people are leaving California? How insulting is this? My mouth fell open, just like Tucker Carlson’s when he made that statement. I’m a middle-class person and a native Californian and I’m still here so, now, I guess, I’m supposed to leave? Nope. I will stay here and fight for my home state against what Mr. Singman says is our values. Because he’s got it all wrong. His values are not my values and never will be. And, I would venture to say, that many, many Californians would not claim them as their values either. Other than what I’ve written here, I truly am astounded and speechless regarding this hilariously ridiculous interview. It seems that Tucker is too!

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