Ballot Harvesting: What It Is and Why Conservatives Must Employ this Strategy in 2020 [Video]

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In the 2018 midterm elections, the Democrats turned many election “defeats” into victories after election day…

They were behind in the vote count on the day after the election … but when the final vote tally of “absentee voters” was completed, they defeated the favored Republican rivals.

How did the Democrats do it?

They perfected and employed a strategy called ballot harvesting…

It involves collecting ballots from voters who cannot or will not go to the polls and vote on election day … and turning them in all at once to the registrar of voters.

It also includes registering people to vote who aren’t yet registered … and advising them on how to vote.

The strategy is illegal in some states … but it’s legal in California and in 26 other states.

It’s a strategy that MUST be used by conservatives in 2020 to ensure victory in both local and national races.

Without increasing the voter turnout of conservatives, socialist, anti-Christian candidates will win in 2020.

Freedom-loving conservatives – whether Democrats, Independents or Republicans – have some key “non-negotiables” that should govern who they vote for:

  • Protection of religious liberty
  • Supreme court nominees who will rule based on a constructionist view of the Constitution
  • Protection of the unborn
  • Defense of Israel
  • Determination to stop the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities around the world

On these key issues there is no compromise…

But the Democrat socialists … and the news and social media oppose these commitments.

And they are going to use ballot harvesting to try to win in 2020 … just like they did in the midterm elections of 2018.

Watch this short 5-minute video explaining how ballot harvesting can be used by churches to increase voter turnout. Note that the same strategy can be used by your club, your company … or by any other social or business group you belong to.

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