Compromising Election Integrity: Ballot Harvesting Influences Election Results More than Russian Interference. Did They Come to Your Door? [Video]

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What is “ballot harvesting?”

It’s the act of political campaign workers visiting residents and picking up their ballots – sometimes even filling out the ballots for the residents – and delivering those ballots to the local voting precinct.

It has transformed our elections…

Elections are no longer about the best policies … no longer about the best candidates. With ballot harvesting, elections are about which candidate is the best organized and most mobilized to gather ballots.

It’s branded as a convenience for elderly or home-bound voters who would have difficulty getting to the polls on election day – and who haven’t mailed in an absentee ballot in advance.

But the practice also opens the door to several types of voter fraud:

  • Ballot tampering
  • Outright ballot fraud – filling out a ballot for a blind or disabled voter contrary to how they want to vote … or filling out ballots for deceased voters
  • Destruction of ballots – not turning in ballots of opposition-party voters
  • Duplicate ballots – filling out a ballot for someone who already mailed in an absentee ballot

Some ballot harvesters knock on doors 5 or 6 times. They collect 100 to 500 ballots and take them to the voter registrar… in some states days after election day!

And no one knows who these people are. There is no accountability.

If someone came to your door during the last election and offered to deliver your ballot to the polling place for you, could you please do me a favor and answer the following questions:

  1. Did you give your ballot to the harvester? Let me check to see if it was counted.
  2. Were you pleased by the ballot harvester? Tell me what happened.
  3. Do you have a video or audio recording of the ballot harvester?
  4. How many times did a ballot harvester come to your door that you know of?
  5. Did anyone associated with “Covered California” encourage you to vote?
  6. Did you or did you not receive your ballot in the mail in 2018?
  7. Do you know of any non-citizens who voted in 2018?

If you do, please email me at

Watch this 2-minute video of a ballot harvester in California offering to pick up and deliver ballots for elderly voters … but only if they “support the Democratic party.”

Also watch this short video about the dangers of ballot harvesting – and how the tactic affected results in the 2018 midterm elections. (2 ½ minutes).

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  1. As long as the ballot harvesting law is in place we will not have a fair election. It should be challenged in court.

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