American Multi-Millionaire Backs Pro-Palestinian Protests Across the Country

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Whenever radical subversive groups are mentioned, George Soros’ name is often linked to them.

However, Soros is one of hundreds of rich radicals who are funding radical Marxist organizations, groups, and causes.

Who is funding pro-Palestinian protests?

One source is an American multi-millionaire.

For example, multimillionaire tech mogul Neville Roy Singham and his activist wife, Jodie Evans.

The two are helping bankroll groups behind pro-Palestinian protests seen across America—fueling hate and Marxist propaganda to kids in high schools and colleges.

They gained their wealth in America and, through free-market capitalism, but hate America, its founding principles, and values.

They’ve given $ 20 million to organizations that support radical left-wing/Marxist causes in the US – including anti-Israel protests.

For example, they have been the main funders of The People’s Forum since 2017.

The People’s Forum co-organized at least four pro-Palestine protests since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th.

The People’s Forum was behind some of the biggest pro-Palestinian rallies and organized ‘Shut It Down for Palestine’ protests, entering the lobby of asset management giant BlackRock in a bid to end US support for Israel.

The company’s executive director, Manolo De Los Sar, called the recent Washington DC ‘March for Israel’ a ‘Pro-Genocide March.’

Singham’s wife Jodie has also been involved in the pro-Palestinian rallies, holding a sign that said: “Free Palestine! Stay in the streets for our humanity – Biden has lost his heart and mind– genocide is a crime against humanity.

He must call for a ceasefire, and the occupation must end.”

According to a New York Times investigation, Singham also runs a well-financed influence campaign that defends Communist China and pushes its propaganda worldwide.

He also backs the radical trans-Atlantic group No Cold War as well as the anti-war group Code Pink—both groups often use Chinese Communist Party talking points.

In fact, Singham lives in Shanghai and shares an office there with a Chinese media company called Maku Group, which is dedicated to producing foreign propaganda in favor of Chinese policies.

According to Singham, the FBI investigated him as far back as 1974, saying that he was “potentially dangerous because of his background, emotional instabilities or activity in groups engaged in activities inimical to the U.S.”

His wife, Jodie Evans-Singham is a former Democratic political adviser and the co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink.

She, like her husband, is an ardent supporter of the Chinese Communist Party and she has agreed with China branding the Muslim Uyghurs in China as terrorists.

Recently, during a Congressional hearing regarding the threat of Communist China, Code Pink activists disrupted the proceedings, holding up signs that read “China is not our enemy,’ and “Stop Asian Hate.”

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