Homeland Security Has Funded Radical Islam Mosque that Wants to Kill Jews… Your Tax Money at Work

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The federal government is funding hate and antisemitism with our tax dollars.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security awarded over $100,000 to a California-based mosque, Masjid al-Ansar, under the Nonprofit Security Grants Program.

Moustafa Kamel, the imam at Masjid al-Ansar, has a history of antisemitic remarks.

For example, earlier this year, he called Jews a “bigoted and arrogant breed of people.”

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, Kamel prayed for Jews to “be annihilated” in a war over the Holy Land.

Another mosque in Detroit received over $150,000, despite its imam, who’s very vocal in his antisemitism, saying, “Muslims have a “fire in our hearts that will burn that state until its demise.

He also referred to [Israel] as a “sick, disgusting Zionist regime” and prayed: “May Allah eradicate them from existence.”

He has been very supportive of pro-Palestinian rallies and has said hateful rhetoric days after Hamas’s invasion of Israel, which he supports.

The Islamic Center of San Diego received $150,000 under the US grant program.

This mosque is infamously known as the home to two 9/11 hijackers.

Mosque leader Imam Taha Hassane has publicly defended the recent attacks on Israel as an “act of self-defense.”

“When people are occupied, then the resistance is justified,” he said in a sermon.

“We cannot accuse somebody who is fighting for his life to be a terrorist.

The terrorist is the one who started the occupation, not the one who is defending himself.”

The Flint Islamic Center, which received $300,000. Its imam said, in a sermon, that Jews “literally live for the purpose of genocide” of Palestinians.

The Islamic Organization of North America received $450,000.

The head imam said, “Palestinians were being slaughtered by the Israeli Zionist government.

We stand with every resistance against Israel and every resistance against the occupation … whether it’s called Hamas, whether it’s called Hezbollah.”

The Muslim American Society’s Chicago affiliate received $149,000.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood founded the organization and are the granddaddy of terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and others.

The Muslim American Society regularly hosts anti-Semitic speakers like Yasir Qadhi, an Islamic scholar who said “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews.”

Grants have also gone to ICNA Relief USA, whose religious director, Rafiq Mahdi, has expressed “support” for Hamas and said it is “difficult to blatantly condemn [suicide bombers].”

So far, over 50 radical Islamic groups have received taxpayer money.

This type of tax giveaway to radical Islamic extremists in the US must stop.


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