We Were Promised a Red Wave: Why Didn’t it happen, and What We Can Do to Make it Happen in 2024

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We were promised a “Red Wave” in 2018… It didn’t happen.

Then we were promised a “Red Wave” in 2020… It didn’t happen.

Then they said we were going to have a “Red Sunami” in 2022… It didn’t happen.

And 2023? Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, and Republicans were wiped out.

Why didn’t it happen?

I recently spoke with Alex McFarland, who was guest hosting on the national radio/podcast show Hamilton Corner, about the failure of the Republican Party to Get Out the Vote and deliver the “Red Wave” they promised us.

Click HERE to listen to my interview.

I explained to Alex that we didn’t get the Red Wave because many conservatives, libertarians, and Christians didn’t vote.

In addition, the RNC is so far behind the techniques of the Democrats and their radical left organizations—By at least 15 years.

They know how to mobilize their base using micro-targeting.

They take emotional, hot-button issues and tell their base the Republicans are going to take what they care about away or make it illegal.

This is why they were able to change the state constitution in Ohio to make abortion a right—they lied and said the Republicans were going to make abortion illegal, and that fired up their base to get volunteer donors and voters.

They also spent a lot of money on ads, marketing, and organizers to Get Out the Vote.

Until the Republicans get up to date on their marketing tactics and micro-target the way the left does, we’ll lose on issues we should win.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • Why Biden supporters are having buyer’s remorse and how we can use that to our advantage
  • How Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, and Christians need to become better organized to win elections
  • Why the RNC needs to use advanced AI in its marketing and messaging

Click HERE to hear my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 30 minutes.

Let me know what you think. Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. there is a terrible weakness in most of the republican politicians – its a moral character weakness. they will not stand up for the good, they will not defend those who are being witch hunted, they have not invented slogans like the democrats have …..the democrats constantly move their army to pound into the public their beliefs (equity/inclusion/righteousness etc) the republicans are quieter – there are a few who are warriors but we need ALL of them to be warriors they need to be candid about abortion/about the border/about inflation/about reducing crime…every one of them should be talking to their constituency….they are not they are talking to each other and protecting their jobs and their mega salaries and perks. I am so disgusted with them. their weakness is why we are losing America.

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