Disturbing: 3 Ways that Deep State-Entrenched Government Employees Stop Change and Hold on to Power

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The Deep State is a dangerous reality that threatens the values and principles of our nation and the voice of the American people.

It is a system of entrenched power that refuses change.

And it is built primarily on a foundation of career bureaucrats and members of the government that cannot be fired.

The Deep State is a decentralized network of:

  • Career Bureaucrats
  • Obama Appointees
  • Obama Holdovers

…that want to stop change and hold on to power.

Career bureaucrats want to protect their power at any cost. The purpose of bureaucracy is to grow itself and keep expanding…to maintain the status quo.

When Ronald Reagan become President in 1981, he fired thousands of people in the bureaucracy, and hired conservatives and libertarians who had an ideology of downsizing government.

The bureaucracy actually became more conservative and libertarian than Reagan himself. But that was lost with the first Bush and Clinton administration.

Unlike Reagan, Trump does not have the power to fire bureaucrats who do not share his ideology. Instead, they remain in their positions, trying to resist and undermine change they disagree with.

Obama appointees and holdovers include the thousands of people in their 20’s who were hired by Obama and placed in power to see ideological transformation.

They manipulate public policy, sabotage any agenda that does not line up with their own, ignore and delay any change that is advanced by Trump or Congress, and leak valuable information.

Obama appointees also include people like John Brennan, the former CIA director who totally politicized the Central Intelligence Agency, stuffing it with political zealots, not neutral intelligence staff. Brennan is a socialist.

What are these career bureaucrats, Obama holdovers, and Obama appointees doing to try to stop change and undermine the authority of President Trump?

1. Ignore, delay, and resist change.

Bureaucrats and government employees will ignore and delay any orders that do not comply with their worldview, or they will simply refuse to carry out orders they don’t agree with.

In fact, John Brennan said that it’s the “obligation” of government bureaucrats to refuse to carry out orders they believe are anti-democratic.

For example, after Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a group of CFPB employees formed a resistance group against Mulvaney’s program of change.

They call themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” borrowed from the “Harry Potter” series. In the fictional books, this group is an undercover resistance force…and in the case of the CFPB, “Dumbledore’s Army” is determined to resist any change or progress under Trump-selected Mulvaney.

2. Leak information.

Since Trump became President, there have been seven times more leaks in the first 126 days of the Trump administration than in the previous two administrations combined.

The information leaks come from “anonymous sources”….. who are more than likely members of the intelligence agencies.

Leaks come from wiretapped phone conversations and illegal spying under the FISA act.

These leaks endanger national security, putting our nation at risk and causing international leaders to be afraid to talk to Trump.

3. Maintain their self-interest (not yours).

The bureaucracy has a 4 trillion-dollar budget. It’s in the self-interest of career bureaucrats to maintain and expand the size of the bureaucracy, wasting time and money on inefficient processes.

The Deep State doesn’t want what’s best for the American people—they want what’s best for themselves.

One startling example is the Environmental Protection Agency, which has resisted and attacked the new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, appointed by President Trump.

Pruitt’s new plan emphasizes energy and jobs for the American people, but the current staff is interested only in their own agenda.

The Deep State is on a mission of destruction…throughout the public and private sectors. They are the bureaucrats, government employees, union employees, nonprofits, lobbyists, and others who do not want to see change, hope, and transformation.

But they can’t just be fired. As Americans, we need to stand up and speak out to defend our freedom.

One way to do this is to sign the petition to kill the dangerous FISA act today…it expires December 31st and is up for renewal.

Click here to sign FISA petition.

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