12 Shocking Realities You Should Know About Voter Fraud and the 2020 Election Outcome

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The confusion surrounding the election results is epic.

That’s because of the false media reports and phony rumors on social media.

Here are 12 shocking realities to help you cut through the confusion, lies and distortions.

Reality #1 – The election is not over until all votes are counted and the lawsuits regarding voter fraud have played out.

The winner of the presidential election has not yet been determined.

Joe Biden is not the new president.

Donald Trump is not the new president.

Reality #2 – We live in a Constitutional Republic governed by law, not by the media and not by man.

The election officials must follow the law. Our elections must be above reproach.

There can be no doubts.

The pro-Biden press, including MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox declared Biden the winner – oh, and Biden agreed.

That night, vice president Biden gave a nationally broadcasted victory speech.

He declared himself president.

His supporters cheered.

The media and big tech social media cheered.

But the election isn’t decided until the votes are certified…… and that has not happened.

Reality #3 – The U.S. Constitution sets the process and dates for a peaceful, lawful election.

The President-elect is not confirmed until the Electoral College vote takes place in December following the November election.

It’s not the media’s place to “call” an election for either candidate, or to declare a winner.

Reality #4 – Biden, Trump, Republicans, Democrats – everyone must believe and trust the results.

That’s why Biden, Trump, Republicans and Democrats must support investigations of fraud and support recounts if justified.

If Biden wins, he needs to prove the legitimacy of the election.

If Trump wins, he needs to prove the legitimacy of the election.

In 2000, Al Gore took his objection of “hanging chad” ballots to the U.S. Supreme Court. And once decided, he conceded the election.

Reality #5 – Regardless of the final outcome of the election, President Trump is still President of the United States until January 20, 2021.

Then, whoever receives 270 or more electoral votes will be the new president.

Reality #6 – Voter fraud is real and it did happen in the 2020 general election.

Depending on the extent of the fraud that is uncovered, it could change the election results.

Reality #7 – The media and politicians are claiming there is no voter fraud.

The assertion that voter fraud doesn’t exist is absurd. It’s the same as saying there is no theft or there is no lying in the world.

People are not sinless and perfect. Some will always try to “game” the system and cheat.

Any voting system that doesn’t require voters to show personal ID opens the door for people to assume someone else’s ID and vote twice … or multiple times.

The mail-in ballots invite fraud.

The “dirty” voter roles open multiple opportunities for fraud.

Ballot harvesting is a goldmine for fraud.

Reality #8 – No one knows if there is enough voter fraud that can be proven to change the election results.

There may be enough proof.

There may not be.

The courts must decide if fraud occurred based on the evidence. And the courts must rule on how to correct any fraud that occurred.

Many of the state judges are judicial activists like the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court will probably review the most significant fraud that could change the election results.

Reality #9 – Be very careful about false rumors and false information.

In something as big as this, disinformation is everywhere.

There are false “facts” issued by Trump supporters.

There are false “facts” issued by Biden supporters.

And there are false “facts” issued by the media and the so called biased “fact-checkers.”

Over the years, I’ve learned to filter out the falsehoods and to be careful to make sure I’m right about an issue…. And never spread inaccuracies.

Reality #10 – Vote recounts are being done in Wisconsin and Georgia.

Vote recounts should also be done in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania – and possibly Arizona.

What if Trump wins the recount of 3 or more of those states? What if he doesn’t win any of them? Or just one or two of them?

Let’s all trust the outcome will be fair, no matter who wins.

Reality #11 – The Deep State will steal this election – if conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Republicans let it happen.

The Deep State consists of government officials and bureaucrats – and their allies everywhere.

They use influence, money and power to manipulate and change outcomes.

Example: In Pennsylvania, Trump was leading Biden comfortably as of 11pm on election night when the state announced it was going to stop counting ballots until the next morning. But at 4am – 5 hours later – a data update added 138,000 votes to Biden’s total and ZERO votes to Trump’s total.

That is a mathematical and statistical impossibility.

We see the Deep State at work on the local level with power hungry, corrupt, local election officials.

We see “power plays and abusive decisions” from state election officials under the states’ Secretary of State.

We see evidence of the Deep State with politicized, judicial activist judges:

  • All trying to cover up their acts
  • All denying wrongdoing
  • All ideology-driven, not fair and impartial

For a full explanation of this, read my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. To order, click here.

Reality #12 – Here is how the next president will be chosen.

Right now, Biden is not the president-elect. Neither is Trump.

On December 8th – under federal law – the states must each resolve all their conflicts and issues regarding the voting. Then each state governor certifies the results of the presidential election in each state.

Once the election results for each state are certified, the electors for the winning candidate will travel to Washington, D.C. and vote in the Electoral College on December 14th. Then we have a President.

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Balanced and fair. This just the beginning. The tension will morph as new facts and allegations are revealed. The spiritual strength of each American will determine how we weather the storm.

  2. In my viewing of the violence and chaos in localities that are being mismanaged by Democrat authorities, I have concluded that the safety and freedom from threat of the vote examiners must be established by the Federal Government. It is folly to continue to think that an audit and recount can begin without any action that restores order and safety for the citizens and leaders in those localities where the Democrat authorities have lost control. The Federal Government must act immediately with whatever strength is required to restore order. Some organizations should be declared as terrorist groups in a state of insurrection. Some violent persons should be detained and charged. This should be undertaken with great regret and whatever restraint is possible. God bless America.

  3. Your playing it too safe Craig, really. The reality of the situation is that the fraud is pretty apparent, the dems record, and the events show this. No looting or burning buildings, no overt cheating. A platform that allows abortion and shuns God is more apt to “steal” and “cheat” the people. I mean come one, even Jesus called it the way he seen it.

  4. We will never see the light of truth if the d-rats & deep staters steal the WH. Many in your old
    home town & So Bay Area are so very happy to welcome their new idol & most corrupt party leaders ever, Biden/Harris. The Electorial College vote is extremely critical.
    We all miss you, Thanks for all you do, Gary M.

  5. We all know the fact is that the Democrats stole this election from Trump. They created a massive fraud scheme they were all in it from top to bottom positions from state officials to poll workers. These scheme was to undermine the legal voting process by mandating states to vote by mail, we all know this was their strategy to steal the votes from Trum, let’s call it what it is. My hopes and prayers is that God will gives justice and Trump will be our President for the next 4 years!!

  6. Let face it we have a population of over 50% decadent ungodly people who have no understanding of this country and don’t care. We have allowed these decadent communist trained in schools to think government is to provide for them. We have allowed unchecked illegal immigration with the same result. History repeats and we have allowed this to happen. This is the result of electing self serving and unpatriotic politicians in office. We “dodged a bullet” with Trump the first time but the deep state will never let it happen again.
    The only thing to save the good people is a return of Jesus.

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