12 Reasons You Should Be Very Worried About Kamala Harris’ Anti-Freedom and Pro-Socialist Worldview

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Joe Biden has picked Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President running mate.

The media says she is “moderate”.

They are distorting the truth and reality.

Here are 12 reasons you should be very worried about Kamala Harris:

  1. This Vice President pick is probably one of the most important in history.


…For two key reasons…a high probability Joe Biden, at 77 years old, will mentally or physically not be able to serve four years and if he did serve out his four years then Kamala Harris will probably be the Presidential candidate for 2024.

2. Supreme Court Judicial Activists.

Harris wants to radically change the supreme court. 

For Example:

  • Pledges to support only Judicial Activists.
  • Wants a litmus test of pro-abortion, judges only.
  • Wants judges to reverse recent court cases such as protecting the religious conscience of The Little Sisters and Hobby Lobby.

3. Promotes Socialist Takeover of the Economy

Harris economic policies are Socialist.  In the Senate, she had voted with Bernie Sanders 92% of the time.

  • Harris would reverse the #1 cause of the pre-pandemic economic boom: Change all President Trumps de-regulation and repurpose new job killing regulations.
  • Reverse #2 cause of the pre-pandemic economic boom:  increase job killing taxes, including the biggest tax increase in history.
  • Impose the $93 trillion-dollar Green New Deal that would crush jobs, wages, and innovation.
  • Ban fracking and offshore drilling, the technological advancement that has made the United States the #1 energy provider.

4. Healthcare Would be Slashed and Ruined for Millions

  • She wants to eliminate private health insurance
  • Supports Bernie Sanders’ socialist take on our medical systems, costing over $32 trillion dollars.
  • She wants to give free health Coverage to illegal aliens.

5. Undermines Justice and the Rule of Law

  • She has opposed President Trump’s powerful justice reform.
  • She has compared law enforcement to the KKK.
  • She has failed to keep California safe from crime, gangs, and homelessness.
  • She failed to keep California safe from crime, gangs, and homelessness.
  • She is a cosponsor of legislation calling for reparations for slavery, a totally unfair idea.
  • She misused and abused her power as Attorney General.
  • She wants to “defund the police” department.

6. Reverse the Powerful United States Efforts of Protection of the Persecuted Church and Promotion of People’s Faith Rights Worldwide.

  • She will reverse all advancements those in the Trump Administration made for promoting worldwide protection of religious freedom such as Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback with all the efforts to stop religious presentations worldwide.

7. Israel Will Lose its Strongest Supporter – EVER.

  • Kamala Harris opposes President Trump’s support for Israel – including expanding Israel’s use of the West Bank and other initiatives.
  • Supports going back to the failed, “Iran Deal.”

8. Kamala Harris wants to Confiscate Guns.

  • Harris wants to restrict the Second Amendment.  She pledges to issue executive orders to ban firearms and confiscate guns with a mandatory “buy back” so congress doesn’t pass legislation.

Overall, in a score of 0 – 100, she was 100% for pro-socialist economic policies (Bernie Sanders 99.9%) by GOV.TRACK.

9. Most pro-abortion candidate ever.

Kamala Harris has made a war against the unborn…and anyone opposed to killing the unborn. She has 100% pro-abortion ratings from Planned Parenthood.

  • Has promised all abortions will be paid through government funding, including partial birth abortion.
  • Wants to force Christians, nuns, people of faith, who oppose abortion to pay for it with insurance.
  • Kamala Harris opposes legal protection and care for babies who survive attempted abortion.
  • She pledges to do away with all the many pro-life, anti-abortion policies President Trump has established.
  • Misused her office of California Attorney General to unfairly prosecute pro-life video producers exposing the sale of body parts.
  • Wants the United States to pay for abortion worldwide.

10. She Co-sponsored the Equality Act, Destroying Religious Liberty

  • The Equality Act would destroy protection of Women’s privacy, Religious Liberty, and more.

11. The Biased Media and Liberal Church Leaders say She is “the future of American religion.”

  • Harris has a unique background that has the biased media and pro-socialist liberal church leaders excited. Religion News Service says, “more than her gender and race, she is also the future of American religion.” Why?
  • Religion News Service says, “recognize in Harris a kind of multi-faith and spiritual belonging unfamiliar to the next white Christian.”
  • Her mother taught her the traditions of Hinduism and her father Christianity.
  • When her parents divorced at 7, she pursued a black church where she learned about Black Liberation Theology.

12. She is the #1 Top Bigot Against Evangelical Christian and Catholics in the Senate.

  • Harris attacked a judge candidate for being a member of the Knights of Columbus – that his religion disqualified her from being a judge.

Let me know what you think?  Email me at Craig@Craighuey.com.

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  1. Are the American people so stupid as to vote themselves into a communist regime? California effectively has done this already. If this happens there will be no return to a free society in the US. The communists and democrats are one and the same believing the end justifies the means. The votes will no doubt be rigged , manipulated and fraudulently counted to get them in office. The question is will the people revolt??????????????

    1. I fear that some Americans are that ignorant. They don’t know history, which was planned, so they have no idea what Socialism/Communism is and the devastation it has caused over the years. I just hope and pray that INFORMED Americans get out and vote, especially evangelicals, which have a dismal record of voting.

      Thank you, Craig Huey, for keeping us informed. As a Californian, conservative, and informed voter, I knew all of this already, but to many it’s news, unfortunately.

    2. To Commentator,

      Yes! US citizens will rise up to Marxism in this election if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the rigged election. My greatest fear is that in California our voting system has been rigged since the control of the monopoly of democrats. My vote doesn’t count in California’s elections. Sadly to say ,we are making plans to leave California soon enough to a more pro-American run state.

      Native of California

    3. This is what I am scared to death about. My great…grandfather John Adams risked all for our great nation. I see it crumbling around me. Our president is definitely not always pc but in spite of attack after attack he is doing everything he can to turn it around. I have lost a job and relationships over my beliefs but the truth is still the truth no matter how loud they yell or twist. I have to believe the truth will prevail

    4. California has been dealing with voter fraud for years. Just to let you know their are many of us stilling fighting the fight in California.

      California has been the testing grounds on manipulating the voting process it worked here, now they are taking it across the country this election.

      Take a look at Election Integrity Project California website.

  2. I believe there are too many Americans who will actually vote blindly. For some reason the group of voters that “hate Trump” cannot articulate their reasons for “why” they hate his policies. That’s the problem; they dislike the man only, thus their vote against him. They will not listen to a reasonable person reciting President Trumps accomplishments. But they will however jump at the “border wall children in cages” lie with a loud passionate interruption. They disbelieve, although you offer proof, that it was President Trumps predecessor who actually created those type of detainment centers.
    So off they’ll go in a Democratic rage to oust a President they refuse to even look at, let alone acknowledge his accomplishments, and make a sensible decision for the countries future. It’s as if they don’t recognize the negative impacts which will occur under a socialist banner and how it will affect the lives of everyone including their children!
    It’s been said of the Democrats, “ They hate the President more than they love this country”. This same twisted derangement has taken root in too many politically uneducated voters.

    *NOTE to Delores;
    What time does the bus leave?

  3. I agree totally with you on all points. Thank you for your articilate messages. Ms Harris accidentally was sending me the great news of her wondrful accomplishment until I mentioned the truth, that she is wrong to her, and her staff told me how wonderful she is. I then told them I LOVE Donald Trump and BINGO, no more emails to me! She is a very dangerous person and I ahd a feeling fours ago that she would end up where she is today, and not sure how, but here she is! For the Republicans and the lying dog-faced pony soldiers in the dem party, she is our worst nightmare! After the rapture there will be great world chaos and it could very well start with her! And it can strt befoe the rapture as events tend to lead up to, instead of suddenly, present themselves.

  4. I have never liked Trump, as a man, but have watched him transform our country into something more positive over the past 4 years. A senior citizen, I no longer have to ‘count my pennies’ before spending. I suddenly have some wealth, which was a surprise. I cannot attribute that to anyone except our present government. Yes, I’ll vote for him again, even though he is difficult to comprehend sometimes. He has certainly kept his campaign promises and can continue running the government even with all the irritations caused by Pelosi’s crewe. Sometimes I think he uses the media fake news to cover what he is accomplishing … a great chess player. ie, while the country was worrying about impeachment, he was building a wall, making deals, both foreign and domestic, etc. and BANG, Pelosi’s crowd was in checkmate, having lost the hearings and Trump was ahead by a half dozen moves, due to their ignorance. Ha-ha, gotta love the man’s ballsiness!

  5. I have not been up on politics or people running the country or states for years because it was hard and discouraging to determine who was telling the truth so I “socially distanced” myself from that arena. I did vote in the elections but wasn’t really informed about who or what was going on. But I started getting interested this year. Like Sharon Smith, I never really liked Donald Trump. I think he’s arrogant and rude and not a good example of a President who has good character. He almost comes across as if he is God and does no wrong. He reminds me more of a dictator not a true President I cannot stand listening to him. I am a registered Republican and will vote Republican but I’m very disappointed in the character of President Trump. Having said that, I cannot deny and do appreciate that he has kept his promises in changing policies for the good and appointing the right people in key positions. After this last debate I was almost persuaded to vote for Biden but I won’t. I thought President Trump was rude and very unprofessional. I can only hope that God will get ahold of his heart and tongue and turn his character around for the good. Fortunately, my hope is in the Lord and not Mr. Trump but I know I must still do my part in voting my values and conscience.

  6. A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris, either before the end of the upcoming term, or if both survive she will be on the 2024 ballot.

    By the same token, if one is voting for Trump it is likely a vote for Pence to be president.

    Sad, but we have to vote this year for the lesser of two evils, not personalities; Biden/Harris will send this nation “down the tube” intentionally or otherwise, so there’s only one other option.

  7. I was born in England and left there in 1977; their income taxes are so high it is beyond a joke.
    Socialized medicine is fine for some but when you get sick in England it may take 4-6 weeks to see a doctor; the last thing we need here is a Bernie Sanders in a Biden body.
    Harris is in between Sanders and Biden, political wise and both way too far left.
    I agree with many comments about Trump but he made America great until the pandemic hit and some of my friends say they hate him and have done so since the Apprentice show. One person said: they would vote for a rat before voting for Trump.
    Last point today; is the left looking at Biden as if he is all there? He is obviously slowing down mentally and we need a sharp mind to run this country; there rest of the world will think that half of this land is going or gone nuts too. God help us

  8. Received a ballot in Los Angeles for a former tenant who moved prior to March 2017 trying to report this sent to la gop a d la times a d David Goldstein of Nbc. If I received ballot issued incorrectly many others did too.

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