Your Help Urgently Needed: Turning America Around

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Want to stop socialist policies from hurting your family, your children, and your country?

Many people do not know how to vote according to their beliefs and values. Many in fact typically vote unknowingly against their values.

That’s why we research and review judges – the only ones to do so in America.

And we evaluate the president, Senate, Congress and state races.

But we urgently need your help to research, post the results on our website and on social media … and reach the right voters.

Please consider donating to help continue our research, reporting, and outreach on the candidates, judges, and propositions.

Here are three things you can do now:

1. Plan on voting your values in November by using our Voter Guide.

2. Tell others how to vote for the right candidates…including using our Voter Guide.

3. Help us to do our extensive research and post our recommendations. It’s expensive, and we need your help to finish.

Without your help, we can’t complete this enormous task.

Can you donate $10 or more?

Help be a part of turning our country around. You can donate online here.

Or call 615-814-6633

Or mail a check to:

Election Forum
ATTN: Craig Huey
1313 4th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208

Please share with us your thoughts. Email me at

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