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You… Your Family… All of Us Are an Election Away from Destruction

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America is on the verge of destruction.


Can you imagine four more years of:

  • Crippling inflation…
  • Burdensome and job-killing regulations…
  • The collapse of our economy…
  • Unbridled lawlessness…
  • Unfettered Illegal Immigration…
  • Radical transgender ideology pushed upon our children…
  • The Ideological weaponization of the government bureaucracy against Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and Christians…
  • The Double Standard of Justice, where if you are of the “right” politics, the law favors you, and if you’re in the “wrong” politics, they throw the book at you…
  • And reinstating radical abortion policies, including infanticide of abortion survivors.

You and I must do all we can to stop the insanity.

Please help me… help our country now by getting involved in a new way to win elections for:

  • Judges
  • President
  • Key U.S Senate seats
  • Key House seats
  • Elected officials at the state and local level

There’s too much at stake for our country to simply sit back and let events play out. The Radicals are not sitting it out, I guarantee it.

They are doubling down with advanced Get-Out-The-Vote tactics and strategies to win.

And tragically, we keep losing winnable races… Yet again, just like in 2020 and 2022.

You, your family, and America cannot afford that… We can’t afford to lose our freedoms.

You and I must step up now and say, “Enough losing. Let’s start winning again!”

That’s why I need your help now with our unique voter guide.

Without it, millions won’t know how to vote for judges… As well as school boards and state offices.

The Radical tactics used by the Democrat Socialists include voter guides as a key tool to win.

We must go beyond the 800,000 Election Forum voter guide users to 7 million, especially targeting the key swing states.

Please help us save our country, and let’s win this time!

Your help with $10.00 or more enables us to create the voter guide.

We do not take money from any candidate for their endorsement. For over 20 years – we never have.

No corporations, political party, or group supports our research or efforts.

Only because of individuals like you are we able to publish a comprehensive voter guide.

Could you donate $10 or more to help cover our costs to expand our influence?

For example, with $10, we can reach 1,400 people.

For $20, we can reach 2,800 people.

For $50, we can reach 7,000 people.

For $100, we can reach 14,000 people.

For $500, we can reach 70,000 people.

For $1,000, we can reach 140,000 people.

This election will be historic because it’s what is required to Turn America Around…

We cannot continue with these radical policies. And we cannot allow weak candidates to get elected either.

It’s time for only the best candidate to win – candidates that put what’s best for the country first – not what’s best for them!

It’s time we restore the American Dream.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

  1. You can donate online.
  2. You can also call us at 615-490-8832 to donate between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM CST.
  3. Lastly, we’ll accept a check made payable to Turn America Around Fund mailed to us at our office located at:

Turn America Around Fund
1313 4th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

And thanks for joining me in prayer to turn America Around.

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