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A Bureaucracy of Lawlessness and Deceit: Why the FBI Must Be Dismantled [Sign our Petition- Make Your Voice Heard]

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The FBI has been politicized with radical ideologies—It’s corrupt, lawless, and dangerous.

It’s become a weaponized arm of the radical Deep State socialists and the Biden Administration.

Its mission now is to discredit the administration’s political opponents and any citizens who disagree with the bureaucracy.

They have subverted the Constitution, trampled on our Constitutional rights, and must be stripped down, dismantled, and reorganized.

Make your voice heard and urge Congress to restructure the FBI—It’s the only way to stop this abuse of power.

Sign this urgent petition to tell Congress to investigate and hold accountable corrupt FBI officials and restructure the FBI.

Sign the petition.

Here are some examples of the FBI’s transgressions:

  • They raided conservative and Christian leader’s homes in the middle of the night, armed and in full body armor.
  • They illegally worked with Big Tech to suppress the average citizen’s 1st Amendment rights, censoring and de-platforming anyone who posted something the Deep State didn’t like.
  • Gone after Christians, arresting peaceful pro-life advocates, but let violent pro-abortion activists vandalize and burn down churches and pro-life clinics.
  • They have been involved in a covert operation to frame former President Donald Trump of colluding with Russia and were instrumental in perpetuating the lies and hoaxes.
  • They raided Trump’s home in Florida to collect “classified” documents—documents that the National Archives and the FBI had examined and cleared months before the raid.
  • They hid information about the Hunter Biden Laptop, calling it Russian “disinformation” and a hoax. They had the laptop and never did any investigation.
  • The FBI knew about President Joe Biden’s Ukraine business dealings before the “Laptop from Hell” and that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each received $5 million from Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings after Joe Biden threatened to withhold Over $1 billion in aid to Ukraine until President Petro Poroshenko fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma.

These are just a few examples of what the FBI has become—the secret police of the government against the citizens.

Their reign of lawlessness must stop.

Sign our petition to hold FBI officials accountable for weaponizing the Agency and tell Congress to defund and restructure the FBI.

Sign the petition.

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  1. The FBI, IRS and Social Security all have piles and piles of Ammo and Guns of all kinds? This is something to be concerned about here in America! What’s that about?

  2. Corruption seems so deep, it must be dismantled. Than a discussion on which of their functions need to continue and how?
    Thank you to those who have served honestly.

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