Ways to Influence the Reversal of Our Social and Political Decline: 10 Actionable Steps

How You Can Make a Difference in Turning Around Our Social and Political Decline: 10 Action Items

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I’m often asked, “What can I do?” to help promote freedom, values and justice … And to stop the rush toward statism, collectivism, and socialism.

For example, I just got a note from Gregory, who called his congressman but got an uncaring answer. He is now in prayer.

And Joan wrote me this:

“I love your blogs and will certainly read the book. My big question though is: How do we, the little tax-paying citizen, combat this? What can a hard-working, busy individual really do other than vote and send letters? How can we folks change things?”

Here is my answer:

There are things that individuals can do. Individual issues and events always create numerous opportunities for individuals to help … and so do political campaigns.

Here are 10 key things that can be done … that you can be a part of:

1. Volunteer for a political/social action group. Your presence … your input … your activities in helping a group grow make a big difference. Maybe you could even lead one.


2. Volunteer for a candidate. Helping a candidate can make a great difference. Only with volunteers can a candidate win. The greater needs are GOTV volunteers to go door to door. The next greatest need is phone volunteers. And there are many other activities you can help with.


3. Run – or help someone run – for office. Consider running for office … yes you. Or help someone else with the paperwork and legwork involved in running for office.


4. Donate to our “Turn America Around” campaign to develop voter guides, digital marketing campaigns and more. You can help turn America around by helping us run massive marketing campaigns to educate, inform, and mobilize conservative, libertarian and Christian voters…and change the hearts and minds of “persuadables” Click here to donate.


5. Come to our marketing boot camps or watch our webinars. You can get trained to help with your church, group, or candidate and impact our culture by participating in our marketing boot camps and webinars. For more information, email Tracy at tracy@cdmginc.com.


6. Sign a petition. We, and others, send out petitions that need people to sign because they help persuade the press and politicians. Click here to see our current petitions.


7. Use your Facebook – or other social media – to educate and mobilize voters.


8. Arrange for me to speak at your club or group. I speak at large conferences as well as for small groups. You can see my topics here.


9. Be informed … and share your knowledge with friends. The socialists and community organizers use this as one of their main tactics. They have coffee events, use their email and phone… They act as if we are at war – and we are! Use your own contacts. Use your contact list to educate and get out the vote.


10. Buy my book and read the newsletters. If you haven’t already done so, buy my book – The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know (click to buy here). You’ll be shocked and disturbed to discover how pervasive and widespread the Deep State really is … placed in strategic strongholds of power throughout our government, the media … and culture.


Plus, you’ll learn how to take a stand for freedom … and fight back against the Deep State.

Click here to get a copy for 20% off and a personalized signed copy or buy on Amazon.

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  1. That is what I often hear too, ” What can we do?”, “All we can do is pray”, I don’t think most, even pray, that much about the problems we face either. If people would move their hips as much as they move their lips, most of these problems would be under our feet. Jesus Christ was, is & always will be a person of “Prayer & Action”. Thank you very, very much Craig for all this vital information.

  2. Also, something that is missing is Conservatives, Christians as pole workers. Most of those sitting behind the tables on voting day are usually very liberal. Volunteers can be in all levels of the voting process. I served once and was disturbed by the handling of the ballots after poles closed. Pole watchers, delivery, and of course, voter registration in our churches.

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