Truth Suppressed: 5 Million New Jobs, Higher Wages and New Startups Under Trump – Thanks to Deregulation and Lower Taxes

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5.3 million new jobs and counting … while media silence about positive accomplishments – and falsehoods about the operation of the Trump administration – are being spread to destroy Trump at the expense of the truth.

Facebook, the biased media and the politicians are suppressing basic economic facts!

  • Tax Fact: Lower taxes – especially on businesses – has caused massive economic growth to take off.
  • Regulation Fact: President Trump has gotten rid of unnecessary job-killing regulations.

The results under Trump’s tax reduction and massive deregulation efforts have been amazing – but most don’t know.

  • 5.3 million new jobs have been created since Trump’s tax and deregulation reductions were initiated.
  • Wages have increased to a 3% annual rate – the fastest wage growth in a decade.
  • Obama and socialist economists said manufacturing in America was dead, but it’s booming again.
  • Obama and the socialists said economic stagnation was “the new normal” because they didn’t understand the power of free enterprise to lift people out of poverty – and lift everyone to higher economic levels.
  • Black and Latino employment and wages are growing at historic rates.
  • Entrepreneurs and new business startups are booming, energized – no more Obama/socialist “you didn’t build that”.
  • Pensions and 401k’s for retirement have been up despite bad federal reserve policies and the threat of tariffs.
  • The energy sector has seen a massive boom – helping us have energy independence and cheaper fuel (except California, thanks to its high gasoline taxes).

This can all be quickly undone if the media and socialist politicians trick people into higher taxes and more regulations. They are advocating:

  • Up to 90% individual income tax rates
  • Higher taxes on the wealthy
  • Greater inheritance tax
  • Socialized Medicare
  • Green Dream energy policies
  • And more…

These socialist policies will kill jobs, lower take-home wages, crush upward economic mobility, and destroy new business and innovation.

The battle this election is between truth vs. economic myths and media lies.

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  1. Social media is out of control,ALLFake News! Set FCC same for controls like TV & Radio!!!
    Misinfo should treated with loss of License !! Ditto for Newsp. – Magazines! That LIE about the facts, must be proven before published! We are all sick of this crap!

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