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Why You Should Vote and Everyone You Could Encourage to Vote

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This election is a tipping point… and a powerful statement about bad policies in the last 2 years, and what needs to be done…

For Example:

  • Church closures and lockdowns.
  • Government-caused inflation.
  • Protection of the unborn.
  • Lower gas and heating prices.
  • Education indoctrination and closures.
  • And more…

All are on the ballot.

This election is about the downward spiral of our culture, economy, and politics that has taken place in the last short 24 months.

It’s about how the Democratic socialists have tried to transform our culture and economy with government mandates, control, regulations, and taxes– the worst and the most immoral is tax inflation.

It’s not only about government overspending, but about the war on Christianity, the war on parents, the war on business, the war on oil, and the war on political opposition.

The reason this election is different from all other midterm elections is that the direction of our nation is at stake.

Make sure everyone you know votes.

Family. Friends. Mobilize your home Bible study and churches.

It means having your pastor encourage people to vote. It means volunteering, donating, and praying for the election outcome.

This election means not being passive, but being active to see the change, whether you’re in a blue state that seems hopeless or you’re in a red state that doesn’t seem like it matters.

On the ballot are the school board, city council, county races, assembly, state governor, senators, Congress, and judges. What they hope you’re not going to do is vote. They hope you’re not going to try to mobilize others. What they hope you’re going to do is sit this one out.

Then the mobilizers and organizers will be able to get a minority of people to the pole and win this election, continuing to accelerate the downward spiral that we’ve been experiencing.

Be sure to use our voter guide at

And if you can help us this Tuesday, ad blitz to mobilize people to use our voter guide, please donate to our Turn Around America Fund. You can donate here.

John Quincy Adams said it best: “Duty is Ours; Results are God’s.”

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