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Voted? Didn’t Vote? Both Must See This Special Election Report

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For family and friends, tomorrow is election day…

  • If you already voted, great! But look at these 6 items below
  • If you have yet to vote, you should also see these 6 items below

#1: Don’t Forget to Vote Tuesday, November 82022 – Using our Voter Guide!

Tomorrow is Election Day. If you have not voted yet, do so on Tuesday. You can access our voter guide by going to

#2: Should a Christian Vote? Should a Pastor Speak Out?

Listen to my interview with national radio personality, Bill Martinez. We discuss the midterm election outcome predictions and so much more. It’s about 20 minutes long. You can listen to part one HERE and part two HERE.

#3: DOVE TV National Interview: Why So Many Christians Don’t Vote

Watch my interview on DOVE TV, The Christian Network.

It’s about 25 minutes long. Click HERE.

#4: My Vote Doesn’t Matter? Two Reasons It’s a Lie and Wrong

I’ve often been told, “My vote doesn’t matter”.

That is simply not true.

In fact, that’s why many good candidates lose, and bad candidates win.

It’s wrong to think that your vote doesn’t count.

Here are 2 reasons your vote matters… (Continue Reading)

#5: Why You Should Vote and Everyone You Could Encourage to Vote

This election is a tipping point… and a powerful statement about bad policies in the last 2 years, and what needs to be done…

For Example:

  • Church closures and lockdowns.
  • Government-caused inflation.
  • Protection of the unborn.
  • Lower gas and heating prices.
  • Education indoctrination and closures.
  • And more…

All are on the ballot.

This election is about the downward spiral of our culture, economy, and… (Continue Reading)

#6: Finally, be encouraged!

My wife Shelly closed my talk at Calvary Chapel La Habra with a powerful word of prayer.

Watch her 8-minute video HERE and be encouraged!

Let me know what you think at 

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  1. Thank you for your Voter Guides … I have passed them on to people at my church,
    family and friends…..BUT I wanted my grandsons who are at Chico State to get Bute
    County – and there is NO Bute county. Bummer.

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