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Why Bidenomics is Making Living Harder, But the Radical Plan to Win the 2024 Election Anyway

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I just got off a national broadcast interview you’ll want to listen to about Bidenomics and the economic disaster it’s causing.

Listen it here.

National radio and podcast broadcaster Bill Martinez and I discussed on his program about how painful Bidenomics is to retired people, people on fixed incomes, and those working two jobs to make ends meet.

I told Bill that we are seeing a country in decline.

“We have historic inflation, the lowest GDP growth since Obama was President, seen bank failures, the downgrade of America’s credit, and 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth, which is technically a recession… And Biden, his Administration, and the media are denying reality.”

Listen it here.

During the interview, we also talked about these pressing topics:

  • How inflation is really at 15-25%, not the 3.7% they are telling us
  • Americans are seeing stagflation and shrinkflation
  • How Biden will double the deficit by the end of the year with his uncontrolled spending
  • Why Biden’s campaign messaging isn’t about policies, it’s about emotion
  • How Democrats micro-targeting their base with specific issues in swing states will give them a win in 2024
  • How Biden Super PACS are spending $25 million to micro-target “persuadables” (independent voters) in key swing states.
  • Why Republicans need to ballot harvest and micro-target to win and turn things around

Listen to my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 20 minutes long.

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