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Where are Christian Leaders? Why Are They Quiet When the Government Targets Christians Asks Tucker Carlson?

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Pro-life leaders have been arrested.

Churches and pro-life centers have been desecrated and vandalized.

What we haven’t seen, though, is any outrage from Christian leaders.

This has not gone unnoticed… when Christians are arrested for “being Christians.”

For example, no Christian leader said a word about the FBI raid on Christian organizer Mark Houck, who was arrested for violating the FACE Act (Freedom of Access) …

Thankfully, he was acquitted to the disgrace and embarrassment of the FBI/DOJ.

But where was the support?  Where was the outrage?

Very few Pastors, authors, or TV/radio/podcasters mentioned it.

“Where were “Joel Osteen, Russell Moore, Beth Moore, David French, Tim Keller, and all of the other breastfeeding Christians, as the U.S. government cracks down on Christianity and prayer?” Tucker lamented.

Tucker pointed out the Biden administration’s double standard when dealing with Christians. Biden’s DOJ/FBI has let Portland rioters off the hook by dropping charges against them or being sentenced to perform community service—These people caused billions of dollars in damage to the city…

Yet, they are prosecuting Christians like Houck, and Paul Vaughn, one of 11 pro-life activists arrested for peacefully praying inside an abortion clinic. FBI agents raided Vaughn’s home, pointing guns at his wife and small children, frightening them.

Carlson also talked about what happened to a Pastor in Canada. Pastor Derek Reimer was arrested for “mischief” and “Causing a disturbance.” What was he doing? He was protesting at an ‘all ages” drag show with kids in the audience. Reimer was thrown to the ground and forcibly removed from the event by security guards… Police came to his house later with a warrant.

Has your pastor or church leader talked about these attacks on Christians?

If our Christian leaders don’t stand up for our religious freedom, who will?

“Where are all the professional Christians? You have to wonder that again,” said Carlson. “Where’s David French, Beth Moore, Tim Keller, and all these people who were defending Christianity when actual Christians are being arrested for being Christians?… Not a word.”

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  1. By their works you will know them. Works without faith is meaningless, but you say you have faith? Without works…maybe no faith at all?

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