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Tipping Point: America’s Economy Is On The Brink of Collapse—How Janet Yellen and Bidenomics Have Failed America [Video Interview]

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I recently spoke with Kara McKinney, host of Tipping Point, on her national TV show on OAN about the failure of Bidenomics and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. I know you’ll want to watch it.

Watch my interview.

I explained to Kara how Janet Yellen is “delusional” when she says that the economy is “great.” It’s not, and Bidenomics is making things worse not better.

I told Kara that inflation is the most immoral tax of all, hurting the poor and the middle class deeply. “What we have now is a regulatory state,” I said. I also told her we have to get our fiscal house in order before we can help other countries, like Ukraine and Israel, simultaneously—We can’t keep blindly funding them and keep the high level of domestic spending up—It’s unsustainable and will crash our economy.

Watch the video.

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • How Iran, Russia, and China can bleed us dry
  • Why Inflation is not “transitory,” like Yellen said
  • Why Bidenomics is failing and how it’s hurting retired people and people on fixed incomes

Watch my exciting in-depth interview—the video clip is about 4 minutes 30 seconds long.

There’s a lengthy intro, so if you’d like to skip ahead, my appearance starts at the 2-minute 18-second mark.

I’ll Have Whatever Yellen Is Having – One America News Network (oann.com)

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