What is the Deep State and Why it Matters: My C-Span TV Interview [Video]

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The Deep State is a coordinated, ideologically-driven effort by many different government and non-government entities to seize and expand bureaucratic power over American society and reduce individual liberty.

Their philosophy is that more government regulation and control is the answer to every problem and shortcoming in the world … and anyone who disagrees with them must be discredited, silenced and destroyed politically.

If you believe in such “antiquated” ideas as:

  • Free market capitalism
  • Individual liberty and self-government
  • Smaller civil government with fewer regulatory burdens on businesses
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Traditional family values
  • School choice
  • Religious freedom

… then you are the enemy of the Deep State. You must be neutralized, silenced and sidelined by any means possible.

The Deep State – along with the rest of the country – was shocked when Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election…

They were well on their way to transforming American society into a socialistic empire under the Obama presidency.

They saw a Trump presidency as a threat to their elitist utopian vision. That’s why they’ve been attacking him and trying to remove him from office since the day after the 2016 election.

President Trump stands for all the “antiquated” ideas listed above. This is why the Deep State hates him so much.

You need to know how to fight back.

Watch the interview here (28 minutes).

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