Welfare: National Crisis Hurts Everyone

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently sent a report to Congress on the number of families receiving welfare benefits during FY 2015.

The numbers are shocking … revealing that welfare is an epidemic affecting the economy of the entire nation.

Here’s one example of a state with an out-of-control welfare crisis…

Out of 4,170,107 families receiving assistance nationwide, 43.3% of them – 1,803,873 families – live in California!

With nearly 40 million residents, California has 12% of the nation’s population … and over 43% of the nation’s needy requiring taxpayer assistance.

Put another way … California has 5.6 times the average percentage of welfare recipients found in the other 49 states.

There are probably several possible factors contributing to these skewed numbers:

  • A higher number of illegal aliens entering California than other states
  • High corporate taxes and business regulations causing companies to leave the state, putting employees out of work
  • Remaining companies squeezed by the same high taxes and regulations, stifling expansion and new hiring
  • Higher than average number of broken homes and single-parent families

Rarely does government address the underlying factors that increase the number of people applying for and receiving taxpayer-funded welfare.

Instead, government thinks the solution to any problem is to increase taxes and throw more money at the symptoms of the problem.

Is providing assistance to the poor and needy a proper government responsibility?

Or should government concentrate on providing national defense and a system of equal justice for all … and perhaps leave welfare to the private sector?

Historically, welfare was provided in the U.S. by individuals, churches, and church-sponsored tithe agencies – nonprofit organizations.

This was the norm until the government stepped in and took over.

Although some welfare assistance is still provided by churches and church-sponsored nonprofit organizations, most taxpayers seem to think that because they pay taxes, they are doing their part to take care of the poor and needy.

Are they?

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  1. First of all, when Obama became President most everyone lost their jobs. Because of the loans to the housing industry (first Bush, then Obama) for people who couldn’t afford a house. With a job lost you can’t pay for your house or anything else.

    Second, it took two years or more to get another job. Then when you got a job it was
    part-time. Two people working amounted to one full-time job. That went on for eight long years.

    Third, add your list.

    I’m hoping President Trump can change that. He’s doing a good job considering what he has to deal with. We need more Republicans in the House and Senate that don’t turn on the President, then maybe we can get back to the real charity givers, neighbors and the church. Before that, we need to get back to the Bible and let God run things.

  2. As former General Motors Executive, we closed FOUR plants and parts distribution centers under Brown… we are not the only one, too!!

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