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Warning: The Top 20 Most Politicized Banks Promoting Radical Politics, Not Best Banking Practices (And 14 Banks That Don’t)

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Banks like Signature and Silicon Valley Bank, have recklessly made loans to risky climate change companies, politically favored startups, and venture capitalists.

They have also bankrolled radical groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) pro-socialist Democrat candidates and the Democrat party… they have been distracted by their woke corporate culture, business practices, and radical policies (see 7 Shocking Reasons for the Banking Panic 2023 Blow Up: How Politics, Radical Ideology, and Government Policy are Destroying Banks).

Their focus is consumed by the radical political and ideologically driven Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG); Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); LGBTQ; and Democrat donations.

Some have purged Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and Christians from their staff… or forced them to comply to their radical ideology—some have even “fired” companies and groups, forcing them to bank elsewhere.

Here is a list of the 20 worst banks pushing ESG/DEI and radical donations and policies:

  1. Bank of America
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. Citibank
  4. JP Morgan Chase
  5. Goldman Sachs
  6. Morgan Stanley
  7. Sunrise Bank
  8. Beneficial State Bank
  9. Amalgamated Bank
  10. Southern Bancorp
  11. IntraFi Network
  12. First Green Bank
  13. Deutsche Bank
  14. Moody’s
  15. First Republic Bank
  16. 2 Loans
  17. Western Alliance
  18. Comercia *
  19. VMB Financial
  20. PNC Bank

* The lease offensive bank. Donated $1 million based on discrimination.

The Top 14 Banks That Uphold Our Values

The following banks uphold conservative values and donate to Republicans, Conservative, or Christian candidates and causes.

This does not guarantee they are safe, but it does show they should have greater integrity and better business practices.

Here is a list of 14 banks that share our values…

  1. Pinnacle Financial Partners
  2. Woodforest National Bank
  3. First Premiere Bank
  4. 1st Financial Bank USA
  5. Regions Financial
  6. Citizens Bank
  7. Trust Financial Services
  8. Arvest Bank
  9. Ally Bank
  10. Huntington Bank Group
  11. AdelFi Credit Union
  12. Farmers Bank
  13. Hilltop National Bank
  14. PlainsCapital Bank

If you know any banks that should be on our list, please email me at and let me know.


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