Warning The Great Deception of ChatGPT

Warning: The Great Deception of ChatGPT

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A.I. is ushering in an Age of Great Deception.

ChatGPT is a good example.

ChatGPT can be used to silence our 1st Amendment rights and take away our freedom of speech.

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman is bankrolling pro-socialist Democrats and unleashing “GPT-4” to help the Biden administration’s online censorship efforts to curb and repress the free speech rights of Republicans, Christians, Libertarians, and conservatives.

Altman’s political wallet has poured big bucks into Democrat coffers all in the guise of “Content Moderation.”

Altman, who bankrolled ChatGPT (GPT-3), has upped the ante with the more advanced GPT-4. Positioned as a game-changer in online “content moderation,” GPT-4 has the potential to fast-track the censorship processes, potentially sidelining the need for “human moderators” and “fact-checkers.”

GPT-4 has the capability to interpret intricate rules and nuances embedded in extensive content policy documentation. Moreover, AI can promptly adapt to policy updates, ensuring a more consistent labeling system.

What’s even more intriguing is the claim that any individual with access to GPT-4 can harness its power to establish a personalized AI-driven censorship system. This revelation raises concerns about the potential misuse of this technology for tailored censorship efforts since Altman is a major donor to the Democrat Party, Democrat organizations, and politicians.

For example, Altman’s financial contributions include:

  • $200,000 to the Biden Victory Fund,
  • $41,300 to the Democratic National Committee,
  • $250,000 to the Democratic Senate Majority PAC in 2018.
  • $250,000 to American Bridge 21st Century, one of the largest Democratic Super-PAC Supporting Biden in 2020.

As OpenAI’s GPT-4 takes center stage in the evolving landscape of online moderation, questions linger about the ethical implications and the extent to which this powerful tool may shape the future of political discourse and free speech.

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