The Vice-Presidential Debate: Unfair Liberal Media Bias … Again

The Vice-Presidential Debate: Unfair Liberal Media Bias … Again

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The vice Presidential debate mirrored the presidential debate in terms of media bias.

In the last issue, we brought up the issue of Presidential debate moderator Lester Holt of MSNBC (see article here) who was not objective during the debate.

Now the moderator of the VP debate Elaine Quijano of CBS News was almost as bad.

She interrupted Mike Pence when he tried to make points such as the problems and lies with Hillary’s email server and the horrific pay-for-play of the Clinton Foundation.

Furthermore, she asked Governor Pence eight pointed questions. She asked Governor Tim Kaine only one question, and she interrupted him only once.

For most independents and objective observers, Mike Pence won hands down. Senator Kaine tried to bully him, interrupt him, and talk over him. In fact, he interrupted more than 70 times in 90 minutes.

Kaine v. Pence (Credit:

Kaine v. Pence (Credit:

Lies were a problem, too. Senator Kaine, claimed that the Iranian deal was good … false. That Israel supported it … definitely false! In fact, the Israeli Prime Minister recently compared the Obama-Clinton-Ayatollah nuclear deal to the 1938 Munich agreement between Adolph Hitler and Neville Chamberlain.

Senator Tim Kaine painted a picture that the economy was moving ahead, and just needed more taxes and regulations. Governor Pence pointed out that that would lead to $1 trillion in new taxes that would explode the annual budget deficit. These type of government economic policies have failed.

In an interesting exchange on the sanctity of life, Senator Kaine had the same old defense of the Supreme Court for unlimited abortion. Governor Pence pointed out the horrific and brutal killing that goes on in partial birth abortion. In many states, Pence pointed out that this procedure is outlawed, then he reminded the audience that Kaine and Clinton are the real extremists on the abortion issue.

Kaine wanted to downplay and almost deny that we are under terrorist attack. Pence wanted to make it clear that we have a clear and present danger in our country.

Overall, the debate showed Governor Pence to be very Presidential … and Senator Kaine a little bizarre, rude, and desperate.

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  1. Kaine personally opposite abortion but he doesn’t care other people whatever they do.

    Sound like he really cares lives of his family’s babies but other than that those could be simple useless form of mass with chemical elements. So who care destroy those mass cells? Scary.

    Does he really love his neighbor? Does he really think a human has body and soul?
    I don’t think ‘love your neighbors’ means just ignoring their avoidable sins.

  2. It was typical. I highly applaud Governor Pence for exhibiting what a true Christian running for a political office looks like! He was calm, poised, very respectful, but direct and matter-of-fact. Tim Kaine should be ashamed of himself for the numerous times he deliberately interrupted the governor. And so did the moderator. I even felt at times that she aloud Kaine to talk more and longer than the governor. Typical, just typical of the left-wing media! Mr. Kaine looked smug, over confident, and sure of himself (arrogance!). Like Hilary Clinton in last weeks’ debate, he was over-prepared and over-rehearsed. I’m sure he feels really proud of himself! It was a pretty good debate and despite Governor Pence not being able to comment/defend some of the things Mr. Trump has said, he still in the end, came off as very vice presidential and ready to lead our nation. I almost wish he had won the presidential nomination instead of Mr. Trump, but, God knows what He is doing. The sovereign will of God be done!

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