Unexpected Victory: 6 Reasons Why a Conservative Labeled an Unintelligent Bigot Won an Election

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The politicians and the press were shocked…

Both Democrats and Republicans couldn’t believe it.

A conservative Christian won a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat in a special election.

Here’s how he won even though he wasn’t supposed to.

The 6 tactics below could stop a blue tsunami in 2020.

Reason #1: The Christians joined the Republicans to get out the vote.

Instead of Christians staying home and not voting like they did in the massive Wisconsin midterm election loss of 2018 in which the socialist Democrats won – even defeating Christian and conservative Governor Scott Walker – the Christians, Republicans and conservative/libertarians mobilized, organized and purposefully got people to the polls.


Because of the assault on all Christians leading up to the special election.

Reason #2: The assault on Christians was grievous and “over the top.”

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge Brian Hagedorn was attacked viciously by his challenger … and by his challenger’s supporters…

What was said?

He was trashed, insulted and smeared just for being a Christian. He was called a bigot and a “hater outside the mainstream.”

He was attacked for:

  • his belief in the Bible
  • his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman only
  • founding a Christian school that requires belief in biblical principles for teachers, students, and employees.

The media accused him of speaking before a “hate” group.

The “hate” group was the Christian defense group Alliance Defending Freedom.

ADF has been falsely labeled a “hate” group by the corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center.

Reason #3: Churches mobilized to get out the vote.

The pastors were not silent.

They spoke out against the unfair attacks. They asked their churches to unite and vote for religious liberty.

Christians went door-to-door and got people from their churches to the polling places.

And it changed the election outcome.

Reason #4: They didn’t give up, despite the polls and the money.

The polls said Neubauer would lose badly. His own polls said he was behind by the high single digits. Democrat polls had him behind by double digits.

The judicial activists outraised and outspent Hagedorn by almost a third.

Reason #5: They were not intimated by business donation tactics.

The socialist Democrats and the LGBTQ+ organizers did an excellent job of mobilizing their databases to contact – and threaten – key business groups supporting Hagedorn.

They also used digital media to bombard the companies and their PACS with targeted messages.

It worked.

The groups got scared and backed down. They didn’t donate … and in fact even withdrew donations.

For example, the Wisconsin Realtors Association requested their donation back! The U.S. Chamber of Commerce didn’t donate, even though in the past they supported strict constitutionalist judges over judicial activists.

Reason #6: When churches and conservatives/libertarians unite, they can win.

At stake: could a Christian win?

The revolt against the intolerance and bigotry of the socialists was powerful. They won because they mobilized a purposeful get-out-the-vote campaign.

Will this be repeated in 2020?

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  1. I think Liberals are making complete fools of themselves. I will not vote for Dems and I am hard pressed to vote for one Republican that is in off now, except Nunes. If all the Republicans in Washington would stand up for conservatism we wouldn’t have this problem. If we don’t get together and vote them out, we will become Nazi Germany. “(

    1. Been saying this same thing forever! Christians need to STAND up for their principles and stay informed or lose their “religious freedom.” God sets up the governments. He tells us that in His Word! He also expects us to be good stewards of what he has given us, so we need to do our civic duty. Certainly many times these candidates do not represent our total mind set, but
      we can have an impact by setting an example. Too many Christians have in the past, stayed home from the polls, or just disregarded voting altogether. So we reap what has been sown by people who don’t even want to support the election process. Those have allowed the travesty we are witnessing today.

  2. As I see it America is in a standoff against the communists like never before.
    We now have a 3 party system 1 is the RINO’s 2nd is Trump and 3rd is the communists party

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