Undermining Democracy from Within: The Chilling Effects of the Deep State Resistance Movement [Video]

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The mainstream media won’t tell you what’s going on…

The politicians are ignoring the problem…

But the chilling effects of both current and former career government bureaucrats – the Deep State resistance movement – are being exposed.

The effects are far more devasting than any foreign influence in our elections could ever be…

The effects on our democracy of the Deep State resistance movement against President Trump are truly disturbing.

Every time White House career staffers and executive branch career bureaucrats ignore a direct order of the President of the U.S. – or subterfuge and delay implementing it – the foundations of our democracy are undermined and weakened.

The most terrifying threat to our democracy is not Russian disinformation campaigns designed to cause confusion and chaos in our electoral process.

The most terrifying threat to our democracy is the power of unelected bureaucrats to ignore the orders of the duly elected President of the United States.

Watch this shocking video revealing how our democracy is being eroded from within by the very people who are accusing Vladimir Putin and his government of eroding it from without (4 ½ minutes).

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  1. As a general comment, I like the way you are reporting on the Deep State, but just as I do with Tucker Carlson, I also have some very definite criticism of you. Besides only describing the effects of the underlying problem that the United States faces, the Deep State being only a symptom, not the cause, both you and Tucker Carlson insist on referring to the United States as a democracy which certainly it is not. The United States of America is a Federal Republic, and there are very, very profound differences between a republic and a democracy. No democracy in history that I am aware of ever lasted for long and most, if not all, failed violently. How did some wag describe a democracy — “two wolves and a rabbit voting on what to have for dinner”? Mob rule, really.

    If you do your study of United States political history, you will find that somewhere prior to 1900, huge-money interests in the world decided that a one-world economic system, or at least a system that allowed those interests to control all economies of the world was their ultimate goal. Globalism in its infancy. Most everything that has happened since has been toward that end — the Federal Reserve banking system, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society program, the rise of the United Nations and, among many other things, its Agenda 21 program, George H.W. Bush’s open mention of The New World Order, the subterfuge money effects of the Koch Brothers and George Soros, Obama Care, the great Global Warming hoax, and many, many other things interwoven, all leading toward completion of the original Globalist plan.

    The great impediment toward finalization of that plan has been the Constitution of the great Federal Republic known as the United States of America and the independent spirit it has fostered among a very large number of its citizens. The reason that I am so, in particular, critical of people like you, Tucker Carlson and legions of other talking heads on TV referring to the U.S. as a democracy is because you and the others are, hopefully without realization, endangering the single most important feature of the U.S. Constitution, the one that if lost will without doubt immediately destroy the great American Republic. That feature is the Electoral College voting system. By hammering the idea that the U.S. is a democracy into the collective consciousness and sub-consciousness of the voting public, you are herding the citizenry toward the point where the Globalist movement can convince the public that the Electoral College is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution and that it should be changed to a popular-vote system for election of the President and Vice President offices. I restate, Mr. Huey, that that will be the end of the Federal Republic and the United States of America as we know it because from the following presidential election forward, the Globalists will rule us all.

    I very much hope that you will take my words to heart and from now on never again refer to the United States as a democracy as well as start articulating a much deeper explanation of where the problems the nation faces originated and the symptoms of which can now be observed. There was a reason why, outside Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin answered the lady’s inquiry into what type of government they had with, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

    Captain Steven H. Howard

    American Airlines, rtd.

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