Trumps Budget Proposal

Trump’s Budget Proposal is Driving the Establishment Crazy: What you won’t hear in the Press or Facebook [Video]

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You can’t tax your way to prosperity.

In fact, the current taxes are killing jobs, hurting wage increases and destroying business.

That’s why the new Trump budget is so important.

But the Press and liberal politicians are decrying it because it does not increase the already out of control federal spending and “cuts” too much…which isn’t true.

It should cut more…much more. But it’s a baby step in the right direction.

See this awesome analysis by economist Art Laffer and CATO Director Chris Edwards. It explains how the spending cuts will create:

  • New jobs
  • Higher wages
  • Business growth for better living of everyone

That can only happen by changing course for the last decade and cut spending.

See the 9 minute video below.

Here is Neil Cavuto on how little is being cut. See the 3 minute video below.

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