The Deep State: Leaks and Political Activism: 3 Frightening Realities

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The Deep State is a reality that has existed for a long time, but few know what it is.

Deep state is referred to as influential members of government agencies or the military that in secret manipulate or control of government policy.

The deep state is where politically and ideologically motivated people become part of a government bureaucracy. They become entrenched. They become un-fireable. They become a zealous force to promote or sabotage policies they agree or disagree with.

The executive branch of government is made up of 2.7 million workers for President Trump. The military make up another 1.5 million. And then there is the permanent federal work force of roughly 4 million people. Out of all these, President Trump gets to appoint approximately 4,000 people.

The rest are career bureaucrats.

When President Obama came in office, he filled the bureaucracy with those who were mostly in their 20’s. They were ideological, not experts in management or policy. They were loyal to transforming the society into a socialist, collectivist society.

Even though we had a presidential election, not 1 percent but one tenth of one percent of the federal workforce will be appointed by President Trump.

What are the consequences of all of this?
  1. Any policies that the bureaucracy disagrees with will be torpedoed, sabotaged or destroyed. For example, the state department is filled with people who oppose anything Trump and they will act as a government onto themselves
  2. They will leak half-truths, confidential information and anything that could look bad or expose something they oppose to the press. When you see a Facebook news post or hear a news report and it talks about “anonymous sources”, or “our sources say” and they don’t name them, it’s the deep state.
  3. They will work on their own projects or hardly work at all. It’s very easy for a bureaucrat to be unproductive and passive. They can appear to work or quietly do whatever is possible to undercut the administration’s policy initiatives.

This is why local, state and federal government is so dangerous. It lives to grow itself. And becomes a fortress filled with waste, inefficiency and arrogance.

And they can’t be fired.

Why is it hard to fire these bureaucrats? Because of government employee protections, “whistleblower” rules, the unions and union laws regarding anti-discrimination laws all make it virtually impossible to fire someone from the deep state.

The problem with government bureaucracy is that so much of it is people working in their own self-interests, not yours. They are working to promote their political beliefs, not yours. They are trying to promote an ideology, not the policies of the president who was elected by the people.

It’s time to fire. It’s time to expose. It’s time to prosecute. It’s time to shake things up.

Only by draining the swamp will we be able to turn things around.

And then there is the Judicial Deep State. These are judicial activist judges appointed by Obama that are blocking Trump’s policies.

They can’t be fired. They are appointed for life.

Trump can’t do a thing about them.

But he does have an opportunity to appoint new judges.

With more than 120 openings on the bench, President Trump will have plenty of ways to leave his mark on the courts – starting with the 10 stellar names he sent to the Senate.

President Trump is a man of his word, keeping his promises “to appoint strong and principled jurists to the federal bench who will enforce the Constitution’s limits on federal power and protect the liberty of all Americans.

What do you make of this? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below!

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  1. Terrific explanation.
    Will the opposition claim it is just a conspiracy theory or will they come and stick out their tongues?
    I’d be interested in what way Trump will be able to drain the swamp now?
    Will he have to get Congress to to come up with new bills for him to sign?

  2. is strangleweed (Cuscuta) a swamp plant? Sad to see so many businesses and worse, our government strangled by a parasitic element that exists for it’s own survival, regardless of the damage it does to others… year after year I see the effectiveness, the attitude, the services to supportive residents and the attitude of government employees decay locally and federally, with few leaders willing or able to recognize the decay and unwilling to act to improvement.
    Watching the faster destruction in Europe should increase the possibility of more recognizing the errors, instead, for many it seems to be the goal….
    thank you for your excellent summary….

    it should be displayed on billboards across our cities and state…
    like the warning signs that alert drivers…. they are approaching a dead end… rapidly
    and the liberal media, is advising them to increase speed…

  3. It would be nice to see Trump ban government unions. Reagan fired everyone in PATCO and the nation endured. Getting rid of the deep staters is critical to the success of the Trump Administration, as well as all future administrations. They are employees, not supposed to be saboteurs and conspirators.

  4. If conservatives are to fight back, we need real “unspun” facts. Last week I heard a report on “Hannity” that listed Obama/Clinton lies and scandals. We have been unable to find that information in a straight-forward article that we can forward. Can we not counter the “Russia” narrative?

  5. Don’t know if you’re old enough to remember 1953. In the final days of Truman’s presidency, he changed the classification of hundreds (maybe thousands) of political appointees to Civil Service.

    The media of the day was honest enough to predict their probable sabotage of Eisenhower’s program. Prophetic, wasn’t it!

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