Travel Warning: Beware of Hidden Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers

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Thieves continue to become more and more sophisticated in finding new ways to steal your credit card information.

One of the newest – and most technologically sophisticated – techniques thieves are using is to install what are called “skimmers” inside gas pumps and ATM machines.

The most advanced skimmers are operated by Bluetooth – allowing thieves to retrieve your credit card information remotely.

In a recent weekend, the Secret Service fanned out across the country and found 59 skimmers from 85 locations in 21 different states.

If you plan to do any long-distance traveling by car during the summer months, you can protect yourself from identity theft via credit card skimmer by:

  • Paying by credit card inside the service station rather than at the pump
  • Paying cash

Watch this short 2-minute video about the hidden dangers of skimmers and how to protect yourself:

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to people on this… It happened to us while we were on a road trip – a skimmer at a little remote gas station on the back way to Yosemite and they were fast in starting to use the card… Luckily our bank was on top of things and reached out to us right away and we were able to cancel the card…

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