Transforming the 2020 Election: How You Can Help Change History (I’m Not Kidding)

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You can actually help change the future of the United States of America … and of the world.

Sound farfetched? Sound unrealistic?

It’s not…

Let me explain.

Whoever is elected president in 2020 – and whoever is elected to Congress – are going to change the future of America … and the future of the world – and not just for the next 4 years … but for the next generation.

And for conservatives to win in 2020 – from local city councils to Superior Court judges, to state legislatures and governors, to national government leaders – it’s going to take the efforts of thousands of people just like you, helping with simple activities like:

  • Encouraging friends and family members to register to vote
  • Talking to your pastor about hosting a ballot harvesting event at your church … including voter registration
  • Arranging for me to speak at your church about ballot harvesting and other “Get-Out-the-Vote” (GOTV) strategies
  • Sharing my newsletters with your friends so they will be more informed about election issues and consequences
  • Supporting and helping distribute our voter guides

Did you know there are 60 million potential Evangelical voters in the U.S. … but that only 35%-46% of them are registered to vote?

And that only 26% of Evangelicals voted in the 2018 midterms?

Imagine what would happen nationally – and in all 50 states – if those other 44.4 million Bible-believing Evangelicals voted in the 2020 primaries next spring … and in the general election next November?

You can help multiply the Evangelical voter turnout in 2020 by helping us complete and distribute our voter guides.

Our election forums and our voter guides are designed to motivate Evangelicals to:

  • Register to vote if they are not already registered
  • Know who to vote for – especially the judges – who will uphold their Christian values
  • Go to the polls and vote … or bring their ballot to a ballot harvesting event

Remember that in our voter guides, we evaluate and rate local election candidates all the way up to the presidential candidates, intensely researching every candidate’s positions on the issues you care about.

We want you to have confidence that every candidate you vote for is the one candidate that best aligns with your values on moral and social issues.

Even judges are evaluated and rated. We are the only voter guide service in the U.S. that does this.

More than 800,000 voters used our voter guides in the 2018 midterm elections.

We would like to expand the distribution of our voter guides to every state for 2020 … and see a 10-fold increase in the number of voters who are using them … and voting according to their values.

Would you consider a one-time gift – or a monthly donation – of just $10 to help us accomplish this? By helping, you can truly help change the election outcome in 2020.

Maybe you could give $25 or $100 or $500…

Some can even give $1000 or $5000. But to create the voter guides in time, we need to raise the funds NOW – before the primary election season begins next February.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to our Help Turn America Around fund.

If you prefer, you can mail a check to:

Election Forum
21171 S. Western Ave. Suite #2642
Torrance, CA 90501

If you can give $100 or more, please call Todd at 310- 212-5727

Thank you so much for your help!

Every penny of your donation will be used on the Voter Guides.

If you live in California, click here and here to view them.
Voter Recommendations
Judge Voter Guide

If you live outside California, click here.

We do not receive any other funding other than your donations.

We need your help today.

Thanks in advance.

What do you think? Email me at

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  1. I first heard you speak at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I really appreciated receiving your recommendations on line during the last election. Thank you SO much.

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