The ABC’s of Sacramento Education Quick lesson in California Politics

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Governor Brown and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Tolarkson seem to be proud of our broken school system that is failing our kids.

Forget that we are among the worse state in outcomes and continue to waste.

Forget that we are named #47—almost the worst in the nation.

They are both bragging about two myths:

1. That new funding is working. It’s unfair and not working, here are the abc’s:

A loyal Governor Brown and the Supermajority Democratic State Legislature create a reform – the Local Control Funding Formula.

Bosses of the teachers Unions say it will benefit struggling students in large urban districts with lots of English-learner students.

Compensation for the Unions: The money really goes for salaries & pensions, not the kids or smaller classes.  For example, The United Teachers of Los Angeles demands a 17.6% raise for teachers from the money for the kids.


Grade:     F for politician and Union ethics

F for helping the kids and improving education

F for wise spending of tax revenue

2. Tenure is good. They are supporting what a judge said was an “unconstitutional” law, hurting minority kids the most.

 Click here to watch the debate between Governor Brown and opponent Neel Kashkari.

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