Election Tidal Wave Repudiates Big & Incorrect Government

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Tuesday’s election will impact you and your family.  The senate is now controlled by Republicans, mostly conservative & Libertarians.  Twenty four  democrats were defeated in government races. The experts were wrong. The polls were wrong. The people were right.

The election proved money can’t buy a win–the republican winners were out spent by MILLIONS and still won!  This historic election was a repudiation of big government, bureaucracy & leader indifference. It is a repudiation of failed foreign policy, a bad economy, the need for economic growth and jobs.  It is a HUGE repudiation of President Obama.

Now, let’s see if the Republicans will line up to their promise.  Let’s undo bad legislation like Obamacare and replace it with a new affordable market system.  Let’s reform the crazy tax laws that force more money overseas. Let’s bring it home!  Let’s build the key stone pipeline and stop the over regulation.

Incidentally, several interesting facts:

1. Conservative Christians made up 32% of the voters.

2. Conservative Catholics made up 7% of the voters.

3.  Millennial’s dropped from 18% two years ago to 11%.

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