The Lockdown Revolt: 4 Things You Should Know About Why It’s Growing

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Across America, a new revolt is growing against unjustified lockdowns – not backed by science or data, but by politicians and bureaucrats’ opinions and ideologies.

Pastors are protesting and opening their churches.

Business owners are protesting and staying open “illegally.” People tired of the coercion and lies by politicians are protesting.

Here are 4 things you should know:

  1. 37,198 doctors and 12,512 medical and public health professors have bravely, publicly come out against the new lockdowns.


Because they do more harm than good…and don’t work.

In Los Angeles, the restaurants went to court. The state could not give one statistic to justify locking down restaurants.

They admitted it wasn’t based on science or fact…just their subjective belief people should be forced to stay at home.

The judge said:

“Although not widely publicized, the evidence shows that the pandemic is not so overwhelming that the public should live in fear.”

  1. What the media and scientific professionals against the lockdowns are saying:

“Basic epidemiological theory indicates that lockdowns do not reduce the total number of cases in the long run and have never in history led to the eradication of a disease. At best, lockdowns delay the increase of cases for a finite period and at great cost.”

“Reopening society will allow ‘herd immunity’ to develop. By allowing healthy people who have low death risks to catch the virus and keeping the vulnerable safe, nations will prevent deaths. When enough people have caught it, the virus rates of transmissions will decrease.”

  1. The media and politicians are spreading fear to justify their power, government growth and need for more money.

Here is what L.A. Mayor Garcetti, said:

“My message couldn’t be simpler. It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to cancel everything. And if it isn’t essential, don’t do it.”

It’s pure fear, not fact. It’s spreading a lie, just like Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and China do to increase power.

  1. The resistance, protests and disobedience are growing.

The nation is divided between some 18 lockdown/socialist states and the rest free states.

In the lockdown states, businesses are beginning to stay open, despite orders to close.

It’s a revolt. The resistance.

110,000 restaurants are closed forever nationwide. In lockdown states, this figure will double…that’s why many restaurants are defying the orders. In New York City, owners, workers and customers are demonstrating.

There is no scientific evidence that argues there is danger eating outside or inside.

I do indoor eating 3 to 4 times a week in a free state – no masks, no “social distancing,” no deaths.

When I’m in a lockdown/socialist state, I have no options or choices. They are closed. People driving from Arizona (a free state) to California (a locked down state) are shocked by the difference. People flying from Tennessee (a free state) to Illinois (a locked down state) are in disbelief of the difference.

  • Minnesota: Over 150 businesses are growing and apologizing despite the Governor’s lockdown.
  • Washington: Outside Seattle, rebellion is occurring as entire towns say “no” to the governor’s lockdown.
  • California: lawsuits against Governor Newsom, protests, businesses and churches illegally operating inrevolt.

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  1. Only Satan instills fear in Man, not God…And only those who allow themselves to be tricked by Satan are fearful. If anything, this shows how we’re leaning more on Man’s wisdom instead of God’s.

  2. When we support small businesses staying open, we are supporting our country as well as our neighbors. However, many neighbors ARE living in fear of this virus and believe all the misleading information. Yes, the virus is real and dangerous to many vulnerable people and, yes, they need to be protected and we need to respect those living with this fear. But, that doesn’t mean that we close and almost completely demolish our small and family-owned businesses or close churches and restaurants and cause long-lasting, if not lifetime, damage to them as well as to all the rest of us.

    We can do both — protect the vulnerable AND go on with our lives and support our communities. We ALL need to stand up and let our voices be heard — we want and deserve the freedoms enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And, we need to visit and support small businesses — although carefully and with respect for others.

    We must not allow this power grab by our politicians. If we don’t stand up, it will only get worse. May we allow God to guide us as we move forward!

    1. Superior analogy!! The reason some states, particularly with Democratic Governours, is on “lock-down” is to “train” people, after al the brainwashing, to submit to the newly elected Communistic Government dictating our every move, and, in particular, seeing how well the “fear” they instilled in the citizenry is working, so that, in essence, we are already “brain-captive” with propaganda. Only the old, fat, and obese youth, or health compromised are at high risk of dying from Corona; with a few odd ball cases dying too, (think Codero) but most people are like the Hanks, sufficiently isolating and healing naturally. But the true intent of our voted in Communistic government simply want to destroy the American Economy so they can rebuild it their way and then take credit for “salvaging ” the economy.

  3. I say that we benefit from the signs outside of restaurants that say ‘If you have a fever, cough, cold are ill, go home and stay home’. Shouldn’t we ALWAYS (not yelling, just emphasizing) be doing that? Leave those signs up.
    But lock down is doing more damage than good. The restaurants have to stay open. if people believe they will get ill, they can stay home. Yes, protect the vulnerable, the ill need to stay in but the government should not making decisions without clear evidence.
    ‘Make America Think Again.’

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