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The Evangelical Vote: Why the Left Should Fear the Christian Vote [Video]

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I just got off a national broadcast interview you’ll want to see about The Power of the Evangelical vote and why the left fears it so much.

Click HERE to listen.

National radio and podcast broadcaster Bill Martinez and I discussed on his program that there is a “secret army” out there that’s been “silent, inactive, and doesn’t vote their values.”

We, of course, are talking about Evangelical Christians.

I told Bill that we are seeing a country in decline. Bill asked me why this was the case, and when I told him, he was in total agreement.

“The decent of our economy, society, culture, the church, is not just the fault of our politicians… It’s also the fault of the church and pastors,” I said.

“We are commanded to be the salt and light of the earth—which means we are to be Ambassadors for Christ.” I continued.  “So, we, as Christians and pastors, have a duty to be transforming culture and politics. Instead, we’ve been seeing the Christians not voting, not helping in an election, and the pastors silent.”

Click HERE to listen.

During the interview, we also talked about these pressing topics:

  • The government and cultural assault on the church
  • The attack on our children in schools
  • The steep decline in our culture
  • How belief in God is declining and the “nones” are increasing
  • How America can get back our moral and spiritual compass
  • Growing suicide rates among teens—worldwide desperation, hopelessness, and despair
  • Why Pastors need to promote voter registration and church ballot harvesting
  • The Fight against the Deep State and how they want to erase religion from American society—and how Evangelical Christians can fight back
  • How Evangelicals can help save the country

Click HERE to hear my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 50 minutes long.

For more such article: Mobilizing Evangelical Voters for Election Transformation

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