The Epic Battle for Reclaiming the American Dream – How Blue States vs. Red States are the New Battleground [Bill Martinez Live Audio]

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I recently did an interview with veteran broadcaster Bill Martinez. You can listen to it HERE.

During the interview I discussed the following:

  • It is time to reclaim the American Dream as it is disappearing – it’s being destroyed by a Socialist mentality: Socialism, collectivism, statism has failed everywhere in the world through history
  • Washington bureaucrats are now ideologically-driven and their policies are destroying our society
  • The American dream is freedom – and this is being taken away
  • Blue States vs. Free States: The pro-Socialists state governments are controlling the people and their choices – we must reverse this now

People in free states do not have the fear in them that is evident in lockdown states – these citizens are being brainwashed and their perception of reality is becoming distorted

  • The number of people committing suicide in blue states is astounding – especially in young people

An epidemic of depression and addiction has started as a reaction to this lockdown

  • The Blue states have an economic nightmare – the unemployment rate in California is nearly 10% – many businesses have been lost that will never return

Many of the blue state Governors have caused people to become very dependent on the government and government handouts

  • The stimulus package is destructive – and responsible states (i.e. Florida) are bailing out the irresponsible states (i.e. New York)
  • The Democrats are raising up an army of people to register people to vote and this will greatly affect our future and out the next election

Click HERE to listen to my interview. It is 25-minutes long.

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