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The Border Crisis Since Biden Took Office: What the Numbers Say…

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Illegal crossings at the Mexican border have dramatically worsened since Biden became president.

Over 1.5 million illegals have slipped into the country since Biden took office— And according to U.S. Border Patrol, over 530,000 “got-aways” have been recorded since last October.

Customs and Border Protection apprehend over 10,000 people daily, coming from Communist China, the Middle East, Africa, and South America… and the numbers are growing.

Here are some shocking numbers:

  • 5 million people have illegally crossed the U.S. border under Biden— and surrendered to law enforcement– that’s more than the state population of Wyoming…
  • This is a foreign incursion that far exceeds the population of the city of Los Angeles.
  • 5 million “got away” or escaped capture and didn’t give up to the border guard.

The 1.5 million who have evaded border patrol have done so for three reasons:

  1. They are either terrorists
  2. Conducting criminal activity such as human trafficking or drugs.
  3. They have criminal records.

Here are the social and economic consequences to you, your family, and your future:

  • Overcrowded schools
  • Higher taxes
  • Higher crime rates
  • Expanded welfare rolls
  • “Free” housing for illegals
  • “Free” cell phones for illegals
  • Voting rights for illegals
  • Expanded districts– means redistricting and changing district lines in cities

Clearly, the Biden Administration has no intention of getting the southern border under control.

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  1. I have heard that there is an army being trained using the young men that came over the border illegally. Do you have further information of this? I have always thought that this might be the goal for taking over your country. There were so many young seemingly single young men in a ratio so much greater than families.

  2. President Biden needs remove from office immediately and impeached and sent to Gitmo for treason to God and our country. He has failed at protecting our people. He is allowed our country to be overrun with illegals, and does not care for our laws or constitution. He is the worst President ever. January 6 is a ploy to steel 2024, elections, the black live matters and antifa, demonstrations, were worse than January 6, and those people should be held and accountable. They destroy cities towns and the democratic leadership let them. Plus George Soros should have all his money and assets frozen. He should not be allowed to influence our elections. Along with Mark Zuckerberg and others that’s not a fair election at all and that to those who say that 2020 was a fair election as a sham.Because never in our history has five states shut down at the exact same time. Shame on this administration.

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