The #1 Difference Between Trump and Biden

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The political insiders and lobbyists …

The career politicians …

The entrenched, unfireable, ideologically-driven bureaucrats …

All these groups are opposing President Trump … and supporting Joe Biden.

What’s the biggest reason the bureaucrats are trying to embarrass Trump and help Biden?

Take a look:

* Outsider – first office in 2016* Insider — first office 1969. 41 yrs. in government, no private sector experience
* No outside time counted by donors/lobbyists* Funded and beholden to bureaucracy and donors/lobbyists
* Unpredictable, thinking as an innovative business owner* Political, predictable, flipping and flopping politics as convenient for self interest
* Not beholden to past policies* Adheres to past policies
* Support: Individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs, not political classLoves bureaucracy and big government
* Support: career politicians
– Sen. Chuck Schumer, 45 yrs in government
– Nancy Pelosi, 33 yrs in government
– Sen. Patrick Leahy, 54 yrs in government
– Maxine Waters, 47 yrs in government
– Dianne Feinstein, 60 yrs in government
– Big business, Big Tech

Trump can’t be controlled by the career politicians, the lobbyists and the political insiders.

Biden can be easily controlled by these groups.

That is the #1 difference.

That’s why they all hate President Trump and want to see him defeated in November.

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  1. Hi Craig- I hope lots of people are responding to this. I guessed a couple of items, but never knew how involved this is. I thought it was mainly because the fear of Roe vs. Wade being overturned and their connection to Planned Parenthood.

    1. I always thought that a civilized country was defying not only natural law but GOD’s law to allow abortion. I believe that the country is long overdue for punishment for allowing this practice and I am not a very strict religious person. Perhap this will be the undoing of the good and evil in the US.
      We are at a point of civil war which I think is inevitable or prehaps communist control by the left.
      What decent person would live under these circumstances?

  2. Hey Craig,
    Thanks for the history on old Joe
    Biden. I am now schooled on the
    Democratic way of politics. Glad
    I voted for the right person!

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