Telling the School Board No: Stopping Indoctrination and Forcing Mask Mandates [Powerful Video of Teacher Before School Board and What Can Be Done]

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Across America, parents and taxpayers are rising up against school boards that are defending the indoctrination of children, protecting poor school performance and forcing mask mandates.

The school boards have also been promoting within the school’s critical race theory, promotion of transgenderism, socialism, and a hatred for capitalism and even political mobilization of students (See “Parent Fights Back Against Ideologically-Driven School“).

Here are four things you should know:

#1. In Loudoun County, Virginia, Tanner Cross is in elementary school who felt his conscience was being violated and students indoctrinated if he obeyed a new policy approved by the school board.

What Tanner did is he respectively came before the board and outlined his objections to a proposed school policy. He explained the scientific fact that there are two biological sexes, which can’t be changed.

You can see his video HERE.

Now, a teacher expressing their viewpoint in a public forum should not be a problem. But for Tanner, in less than 48 hours, he was suspended.

This is outrageous since every American has a right to speak their thoughts and beliefs at a public meeting.

In other words, it’s unconstitutional for the school district to punish a teacher for exercising that right.

But there’s more.

#2. Trampling on the teacher’s personal beliefs.

The school district’s policy would violate Tanner’s and other teachers’ beliefs with the policy he objected to.

How? Because he would be required to address “gender, expansive, or transgender students” in a manner inconsistent with their biological sex.

What this means is he would be forced to lie to the students and embrace an ideology that ultimately could harm the kids.

He would have to call a boy a girl or a girl a boy if requested.

#3. This dramatically hurts the kids.

In elementary school, middle school, and even in high school, children by nature often have sexual confusion.

To try to deny scientific fact and embrace the thought of the moment of questioning their gender is a path that can be very destructive.

The common confusion that exists is resolved in time and kids no longer have the issue if appropriately handled. But it will have long term harm if the student is affirmed to undergo sterilization, physical health risks from cross-sex hormone therapy, surgical complications, and many emotional, mental health problems down the road as do many of those who regret doing this – all because they are offended, pushed and persuaded to think the confusion is real and the solution is a radical sex change – something without parental consent.

The school should not be promoting this.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has stepped in to help. Other teachers have joined in.

Today’s school districts are on a political agenda that tries to force teachers and students to violate their beliefs and accept a pro-socialist, pro-secular radical agenda.

Their policies are nothing to do with scientific truth.

It’s about forcing kids and forcing teachers to advocate and accept a political belief that violates their conscience and own personal beliefs and indoctrinating students in a terrible way.

#4. The only solution for this is school choice.

The government public school systems spend millions of dollars to become indoctrination camps. The short-term answer is to try to stop this by filing lawsuits and to have state legislatures legislate to stop this. But the ultimate solution is school choice.

Only with competition and giving the parents the right to take their kids to a school that teaches truth in science and not political ideology will the schools turn around.

We will be able to break the propaganda mills that now exist in the school districts that protect themselves from truthful transparency or attack. School choice is the answer.  

Click HERE to view the video.

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  1. California is circulating petitions to put school vouchers on the ballot. If passed, $12,000-14,000 would follow the child to a school of choice, except for homeschools. Any unused funds would roll over to the next year, and any unused funds after graduation from HS could be used for college or trade school. It’s a very common sense proposal that every family should embrace.

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