Federal Bureaucrat Worth Over $10 Million Dollars. What?: 6 Strange Things You Should Know About Dr. Fauci Becoming a Multimillionaire On a Government Salary [Video]

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Dr. Fauci’s net worth is well over $10 million dollars.

How could this happen to someone who worked for the government his entire life?

Government employees work for a salary, usually above the private sector. They get a generous health insurance program and retirement fund.

But you don’t become a multimillionaire by working for the federal government.

Or do you?

America’s best-known bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci somehow did.  

Here are six strange things you should know about this highly unusual situation:

Strange Thing #1: Dr. Fauci’s wealth is totaled well over $10 million at the end of 2020.

We don’t know what it was in 2021.

Despite trying to discover it (see #5 below). Or Dr. Fauci made it impossible to know it until now.

Here’s how Dr. Fauci’s investments are described:

  • $5.3 million in a private trust account
  • $2.4 million in a brokerage trust account
  • $636,000 in his IRA
  • $120,000 in his wife’s IRA
  • $1.9 million in his wife’s personal trust account

How could he have accumulated that on a government salary?

Strange Thing # 2: Dr. Fauci is an overpaid bureaucrat.

Dr. Fauci’s income, like many federal bureaucrats, is quite disturbing.

He is the most highly compensated of all federal employees.

Yet Dr. Fauci makes more than the President, 4 star generals – more than any of the 4.3 million bureaucrats in the federal government.

Dr. Fauci is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) currently.

We don’t know what he earned in 2021.

We do know that in 2019, he received $417,608 in salary.

We also know that in 2020, his salary increased to $434,312.

Some of this money is not just his regular salary.

For example, Dr. Fauci was paid $13,290 to attend several galas and a series of ceremonies, including online events included in the 2020 figure.

Strange Thing #3: Investing in China?

We don’t know how all of his investments were made.  

But the public record shows in his 2020 portfolio Dr. Fauci invested in some very large communist Chinese companies closely aligned with the communist party.

For example, he invested in the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. Part of that fund holds Tencent Holdings, which owns WeChat, which is one of the U.S.  government’s national security concerns.

He also, through that investing, was in Alibaba Group Holdings.

Another company is WuXi Biologics (Cayman), which is a pharmaceutical company that has ties to the communist Chinese party.

More has to be discovered about his investments.

Strange Thing #4: The puzzling mystery of Dr. Fauci’s batch of patents.

Dr. Fauci owns other things not listed on how much his wealth is. It’s unknown.

Dr. Fauci owns or co-owns 13 vaccine-related patents.

What I find puzzling is if I own a company and I have employees, the patents usually belong to the company, not to the employee.

How a government employee can profit from the patents personally is strange.

It leaves a cloud of mystery.

How much are these patents worth?

How did he get them, and were these patents acquired on government time?

By his influence?

Because of his position?

Because he oversees so much grant money?

Strange Thing #5: Dr. Fauci was completely evasive about his finances.

Under oath and in a public Senate meeting, Dr. Fauci said his finances were public information.

He attacked a sitting U.S. Senator… and a doctor in the U.S. senate.

He called the Senator a “moron” for asking about his finances.

Senator Roger Marshall and doctors discovered the finances were not public and immediately went on a mission to get around the iron wall of silence.

He was able to procure the financial documents and make them public.

Here is what Senator Marshall said when he found out the truth, “Just like he has misled the American people about sending taxpayers dollars to Wuhan, China to fund gain-of-function research, about masks, testing, and more, Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public-it’s no wonder he is the least trusted bureaucrat in America.”

Before this, many have tried to get the truth about Dr. Fauci’s financial holdings.

In fact, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against The Department of Health and Human Services over a year ago, asking for disclosure documents filed by Dr. Fauci, but attempts to obtain the documents were stonewalled by government officials.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of mystery and many questions.

To clear their air and make sure there wasn’t corruption and misuse of taxpayer’s funds and influence, it’s imperative that Congress hold a hearing on the truth about Dr. Fauci’s financial holdings.

Strange Thing #6: Highly paid bureaucrats  – but not multimillionaires.

When I take a look at how much many federal government employees are paid, it’s a bit upsetting.

But I’ve never seen a federal bureaucrat becomes a multimillionaire.

Many years ago I was a speaker at a Money Show. At the end of the talk, I was in the room with one of my investment newsletter writer clients.

The newsletter writer had been teaching the attendees about how to invest their money. After the talk, a man in overalls came up to my client and said, “I would like you to manage my money.”

My client looked at him and said, “Take my newsletter. It tells you how to manage your money.” The assumption was he didn’t have much money and wouldn’t be worth my client’s time.

I was shocked by what he said:

“I’m a retired judge, and I have about $18 million I’d like you to manage.”

I wondered how a judge could come up with $18 million dollars on a judge’s salary.

The bigger question is how do politicians, judges, and bureaucrats make this kind of big money on the taxpayer’s dime.

A real investigation into this for politicians and judges… and now I guess federal bureaucrats needs to be done.

I have to admit that I’m puzzled and concerned that one federal government employee can amass such a large amount of wealth that would take business owners and entrepreneurs many years to accumulate.

And few could hardly ever achieve the amount one federal employee did.

How did one man do it on a government salary?

I encourage you to sign our petition to demand that Congress research this. They should hold investigations and do the research necessary to clear the air.

It is needed to either vindicate Dr. Fauci or find out if government loopholes need to be changed in the law.

Or to find out if things were done unethically and illegally.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. I would like to think like you that these politicians could have their holdings opened up, but i am sure that will never happen. they all protect themselves, look at the salaries they set for themselves, their healthcare, they set their term of service [no limits]. When they do something that any normal person in the private sector would be investigated or held accountable for, get away scot free. Good luck
    RH ca. resident

  2. In my opinion, that $10 million is probably the tip of the iceberg. Fauci no doubt has lots of $$$ stashed in off shore accounts, hiding all his gain from China and Big Pharma.

  3. As has been mentioned this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Essentially what has happened in government and public sector jobs is not sustainable and amounts to a Ponzi Scheme that has been thrust upon us at taxpayers expense.

    Look at some of the salaries these so called public servants are collecting –


  4. Ten million is reasonable considering a V. and appropriately high salary. Especially considering my wife died a millionaire (just) as her only income (none from me) was from elementary school teaching, though a higher paying public school district than many in Calif. Even though CA teachers don’t have Social Security and her school district doesn’t fund health insurance after retirement, but her retirement (Cal State Teachers Retirement System) was close to 100%. Based on our ages after her death I receive 50%.

    Note: Dr. Fauci has been a public employee for 53 years. My wife abut 32 when she retired.


    I find it interesting that so many attack a person who has contributed so much to the health of this nation and the world. I guess it’s just that ideology trumps facts.

  5. Fauci has admitted that he gave funding to the Wuhan Lab. I believe that the virus was unleashed deliberately and the aim…..kill as many of us as possible, leave many more with terrible disabilities, and keep us under his and the president’s control. The things that Biden has done are mostly illegal. Both Fauci and Biden should be impeached and put into jail. No one man should have the power he seems to have. And his ties to China are more than evident. It is time the people demanded justice. However, some of the judges are also corrupt so just how does one proceed? If they are not stopped and quickly we will never recover. And I for one, do not choose to live under their domination.

  6. I believe that it is possible for an average person to accumulate a million dollars over a 40 to fifty year career if they had invested their money properly and judiciously over that time. It’s not surprising to me since I accrued $500,000 in about 35 years; and that was just in an IRA without and stock market investments. I was just a lab technician with an average income and also raised two children with my wife and she had no IRA account. Dr. Fauci’s income was more than ten time more than what I earned but he had credentials that supported that amount. How he invested and managed his income is really no ones business unless what he did was illegal. I’m not necessarily supportive of how he handled the COVID pandemic but he was not a politician so why should he have to divulge how he made his fortune?

  7. Damn. Amazing that this little Napoleon who has flip-flopped so much and seems to talk out of his arse most of the time – STILL has people defending him – on ANY level. “Masks are not effective….. Oh wait a minute yes they are – in fact Double mask!” I don’t give a rat’s butt on how he “made his fortune” – I just know he’s a crooked little bastard that knew what was going on in Chy-na. Straight up. Pat and Elizabeth you NAILED it! But Change is coming – just going to be tough here in Cali with all the Progressives who think they are “New Age” thinkers and want government control for their 30 pieces of silver. The fight is here. As Mills Lane would say, “Let’s get it on!!”

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