Teachers Indoctrinating Kids to Become Revolutionaries and Agents of Socialist Transformation: 3 Realities Everyone Should Know About Government-Run Schools [Video]

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Young children in elementary school and up are being trained to become revolutionaries.

The teachers unions, school boards and school administrations in districts across America are not teaching truth, but are indoctrinating kids in secular, pro-socialist and Critical Race Theory Marxism.

But even worse, they are teaching kids to be “change agents.”

This is happening across America, not just in California and New York.

It’s happening in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Idaho… and nationwide.

In a sense, parents are sending their kids to school to be child soldiers, opposed to western culture, free enterprise… and America.

In the Portland, Oregon area, Chris Rufo was recently on the Laura Ingraham show revealing a video of one teacher (see video below).

He points out that some of the most active anarchist groups in Portland are run by teens, and dozens have been arrested by the police… along with their teachers, who were never fired and who still teach.

What are your teachers telling your kids?

  • The Portland area schools have adopted a new philosophy which is called the “pedagogy of the oppressed.”
  • This is a Marxist theory that came from Brazil. It teaches students that they need to be achieving critical consciousness about their own oppression.
  • TechSmart is a program in Portland that is supposed to improve literacy in grades K-5 – yet instead of teaching literacy, coaches in this program are telling their students that now is the time to stand up and fight for justice.
  • Right outside of Portland, a video in the Beaverton school district was shown to 3rd grade students telling them that if they are white they should free themselves by saying “I’m racist.”

Watch this 5-minute video. Click HERE to view video.

It’s shocking and disturbing.

See for yourself what the teacher says.

Then tell me what you think. Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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