Economic Prosperity on the Horizon: Increased Employment, Elevated Salaries, and Enhanced Upward Mobility.

Economic Boon Ahead? More Jobs, Higher Wages, Greater Upward Mobility

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The free market lifts people out of poverty.

It creates opportunity.

Its economic engine supercharges innovation and technological advances.

Regulations and high taxes slow it down and it hurts families. That’s why we need more deregulation and tax reform.

As presidents Reagan and Kennedy proved, cutting taxes fires up the American economic engine.

It is a historical and economic fact: Tax cuts = economic growth and prosperity.

And America’s economic engine needs tax reform if we are to have another economic boon.

Under the Obama administration, with its emphasis on higher taxes and economy strangling business regulations, the country’s growth managed an average of 1.8% over 8 years.

In the second quarter of Trump’s administration, the gross national product grew 3%, faster than initially thought.

Trump’s ambitious 3% annual growth for 2017 is becoming a reality.

Third quarter growth, according to some economists, could be as high as 3.4%, based on August job numbers.

Keep in mind, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could produce a negative hit to the U.S. economy, but hopefully short-lived.

Deregulation and tax reform are the one-two-punch the American economy needs for an economic boon.

Trump’s greatest contribution to the economy to date has been deregulation, ending many of the last administration’s rules that hurt and hampered businesses.

I’m a small business owner, and I know how Trump has freed businesses from mountains of over-reaching, growth-killing regulations.

To sustain the growth that Trump has started, Congress needs to act on tax reform this year.

If we want to continue to see the Dow hit more than 31 record highs since Trump’s inauguration, then tax reform is the answer.

The average 401k has seen a 9.6% gain or an $8,600 increase from last summer. Average IRA totals rose to $100,200 from $89,600 in the same time span.

Economists were guarded in their optimism the Dow might hit 22,000. It is over  23,000 today.

The mainstream media, which has joined the Democratic party and other progressives in either ignoring or stonewalling any growth-inducing items on his agenda, rarely mention the Dow’s record highs.

In fact, the mainstream media failed to report 25 of the stock market records on the day they took place, ignoring 80% of these records when they happened.

The media undermines good news. Their coverage would be laughable if it were not for the fact their resistance to Trump’s economic agenda only hurts you, the American worker.

Americans like you are optimistic this country’s best economic days are ahead of us, that with tax reform we will see the economy skyrocket like never before.

You can help. Write or call your representative in Washington and tell them to pass tax reform.

America’s economy depends on it.

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