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2022 Election: More Honest Than 2020 – Here’s Why

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Title: Surprising Reasons The 2022 Election Will Be More Honest Than 2020

Many voters are concerned about voter integrity.

The 2020 election brought to light the abuse of the mail-in ballot by ideologically driven and organized private groups and political activists. But that’s not all. County Register of Voters, the Secretary of State, and judicial activists in some states corrupted the election results.

But that has dramatically changed for the 2022 election.

We still have a long way to go, especially in states like California, to correct voter corruption.

Here are 4 reasons you’ll find that the 2022 election will be more accurate, fair and honest:

#1: 17 states have passed election integrity laws completely changing the voting procedures to stop the abuse of the ballot box.

Some of these changes give greater and needed transparency. Others clean up the voter rolls. Others stop illegal ballot harvesting because of voter ID.

#2: We now have a battle — Private democrat-backed legal groups joining with the Department of Justice to fight these 17 states’ laws and to stop them from taking place.

In 2020 few paid attention to any of the lawyers using the courts and political tricks to weaken voter integrity laws. Now they are targeting the 17 states with voter reforms…

And all eyes are on it.

For example, many of the reforms made in Arizona to clean up the Arizona election were stopped because of a US Department of Justice lawsuit.

But poll watchers and conservative lawyers are involved to stop corruption and prevent a steal.

#3: The new laws are under intense attack — Socialist Democrat groups such as the Brennan Center for Justice and Democrat socialist politicians have attacked the voter reforms as “voter suppression.”

But the new laws have not reduced voter turnout, just made it honest.

August 2022, Arizona notched a record for high turnout in a primary election as 1.45 million voters participated, surpassing the previous record in the 2000 primary by 7,000 ballots.

Voter turnout in Arizona for 2018, the last primary in a non-presidential election year was 1.2 million votes.

In 2021, Democrats and pundits attacked election reform laws enacted in 17 states as attempts at “voter suppression”.

The 5 states that appeared to come under the most attack were Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Iowa — All of which saw boosted voter turnout so far in 2022 compared to the 2018 primaries.

President Biden took the most swipes at Georgia and Texas on the new laws.

For example, here are two statements from President Biden:

In May 2021 Biden said, “Texas legislatures put forth a bill that joins Georgia and Florida in advancing a state law that attacks the sacred right to vote. It is part of an assault on democracy that we have seen far too often this year.”

Of the Georgia voting law, Biden said: “It makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

Georgia held its primary in May and hit a record high with about 850,000 ballots cast a 168% increase from the 2018 primary.

Texas held the earliest primary of the year in March. The turnout was 3 million ballots cast up from the 2018 primary turnout of 2.6 million ballots cast.

Texas election officials did reject about 18,000 mail-in ballots for failing to meet the new

voter ID requirements.

Bottom-line: there is no “voter suppression”, it’s just political lies.

#4: More protections are coming — A lot still needs to be done… But good things are happening

In every state, even California, there are legislative, local, and judicial actions to strengthen voter integrity.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares launched a new Election Integrity Unit to assist local officials during the 2022 elections.

And the Republican National Committee has recruited 45,000 poll watchers for the November elections.

Plus, they finally have mobilized a large team of lawyers.

Often, I’ll have people saying I may not vote because I don’t think the election will be fair.

That is a sure way to make sure that democratic socialists win in this upcoming election.

In the states where voter integrity has been increased, it’s time to vote.

In the states we’re voter integrity has a long way to go, we can’t sit out this election and let evil win.

In every state, there are areas of hope and change.

It will happen, but we need everyone to get out and vote in this upcoming election in November.

Note: Be sure to use our voter guide to know how to vote for, not against your values.

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