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Surprising Political Ad Spends: How the Midterm Elections Are Creating Record Breaking Ad Spends That Are Impacting You and Your Future

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The stakes are high this year, especially for the midterms. Democrats are fighting desperately to hold on to their majorities in the House and Senate. This is causing campaign ad spending to skyrocket.

So far, campaign ad spending for the House, Senate, gubernatorial, and state midterms have exceeded over $2 billion.

By the time November rolls around, experts estimate that this midterm will be the most expensive midterm in history.

Ad spending for broadcast, cable, streaming, and digital platforms is expected to pass $9 billion (some estimates say $10 billion).

For comparison, the second highest midterm ad spend was in 2018, at just under $4 billion.

Forecasters expect Georgia’s Senate race between Senator Raphael Warnock (D) and ex-football star Herschel Walker (R), who was endorsed by Trump, will be the most expensive ad spending “war” between two candidates, at around $276 million.

Senate races in battlegrounds states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are also expected to top ad spending at over $200 million.

California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Nevada are all expected to spend over $100 million in House races.

Here are 4 unbelievable campaign ad statistics that will shock you:

#1: Senate Ad Spending Rules

The fight is intense for control of the U.S. Senate.

The Senate races are grabbing a large slice of the big money pie, roughly $878 million.

Broken down by party, Republicans spent over $460 million, outspending Democrats who’ve spent roughly $405 million.

The remaining $13 million is from independent candidates.

#2: House Races

The battle for the House control is also intense.

Spending for House races has totaled $485 million so far, with Republicans spending $265 million and Democrats spending $220 million.

#3: Gubernatorial Races

Governor’s rank second on this list for campaign spending, spending $517 million.

Republican governors have spent close to $300 million, and Democrats spent over $224 million. Independents spent the remaining $3million.

#4: Top State Spending

Campaign advertising spending in the battle ground states for senatorial candidates are really skyrocketing in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

In Arizona, Democrats are outspending Republicans, $72 million to $45 million.

The same is happening in Georgia, where Democrat spending is far ahead of Republicans at $92 million to $59 million.

But in Pennsylvania, Republicans are outspending Democrats $84 million to $59 million.

This ad spend is for TV, radio, and digital. It does not include the millions being spent on direct mail, geofencing, telephone and texting.

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  1. All these billions of dollars spent for ads when the money is so badly needed elsewhere! Besides, all they’re going to do when they get back in office is continue lying, cheating and stealing, but this time faster than ever… Satan knows his time is really short now!

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