Packing The Supreme Court: Socialist Democrats Secret Plan

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Secretly, with little to no fanfare from the biased media or transparency, the socialist Democrats are pushing to expand the Supreme Court from the current nine judges to thirteen.

It’s in response to the appointment of three strict constructionist, or “originalist” justices by President Trump.

If Democrats win the House and Senate in November, it’s likely this little-known bill, will become law, and they will pack the court with 13 judges instead of 9 — Congress had officially set the number to 9 in 1869.

If Democrats succeed in packing the Supreme Court, they will succeed in turning the court into another political body for their socialist agenda. A politicized Court will cast decisions and rulings based on their partisan leanings or affiliations, not on judicial merit or the constitutionality of the law.

They will support an activist judge — one who legislates from the bench based on their own biased beliefs.

All judicial integrity would be lost. And so will our rights and freedoms.

Expanding the size of the U.S. Supreme Court is a disastrous idea, that would truly undermine our democratic principles and our representative republic.

The cry by the Democrats to pack the court has only intensified since the Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and several other Democrat platforms.

Whenever the court rules their way, the socialist Democrats love the Supreme Court, and there’s no “threat” to democracy. But when the Court rules against their agenda, the socialist Democrats claim the court is partisan, democracy is dead, and the only way to save democracy is to “balance” the Court by adding more judicial activists.

The Court’s main purpose is to judge whether laws are Constitutional or not. They were not created to decide policy or policy disputes. And they were not created to become a partisan tool for one party.

You, your family, and friends are the key to stopping the socialist Democrats from packing the Court.

How will they vote in November? Will they vote?

Note: Watch for our voter guide, coming soon.

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